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Tim Vale- 2,000,001 points in 3 internationals

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Q: Who has scored the most tries for South Africa in an international rugby game?
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Who scored the most points agains the All Blacks in a rugby test match?

South africa

What is Tri Nations rugby?

AnswerIt's an international Rugby tournament played by the Austrailia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Who scored the first try in the 1995 rugby world cup for south africa?

me nan

In Rugby Who scored the winning try when England beat South Africa in the recent autumn series?

Phil Vickery.

What place are South Africa on the international rugby board?

They are currently 2nd on the rankings with a 87.03% rating

Where can one find more information on South African rugby?

Rugby is a very popular sport that is played in South Africa. The South African Rugby Union is their international team. The best way to find information about this sport is through local rugby leagues.

Who French rugby union player made his international debut in 2001 against South Africa?

Tony Marsh

Tony France rugby union player who made his international debut against south Africa in 2001?

Tony Marsh.

When was the last time England failed to score in a rugby international?

At the World Cup, in the pool stages, against South Africa.

What country do the springboks represent in rugby?

South Africa

Who has scored the most points in international rugby in the world and how many points did he score?

aaron turner scored 700

What is the national sport of South Africa?

There are a number of national sports in South Africa where South African players/ teams compete both at a national and international level. The most popular (in no order of popularity) are: Soccer Rugby Cricket