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Didier drogba

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2012-05-07 07:16:16
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Q: Who has scored the most goals in fa cup finals?
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What Brazilian player scored most goals in world cup finals?

yes .. ronaldo scored 15 goals.. itz the record

What player has scored most goals in one world cup finals?

France's Just Fontaine scored 13 goals in 1958

Who has scored the most goals in world cup finals 2010 so far?

There were 5 players wo scored five goals at the 2010 world cup.

How many goals scored in the world cup finals 2010?

A total of 145 goals were scored in the 64 games played at the 2010 world cup finals.

How many goals scored by Italy in 2010 football world cup?

They scored 4 goals in the 2010 World Cup Finals.

Which country scored more goals in the world cup finals?

It was Germany.

Who has scored the most goals in a single world cup?

The person who scored the most goals in a single world cup was Just Fontaine. He was a French footballer who scored 13 goals during the 1958 Fifa World Cup finals tournament. < >

How many goals has Henry scored at World Cups?

Thierry Henry has scored six goals in FIFA World Cup finals.

How many goals did england scored in the world cup?

In the 2010 world cup England scored only 4 goals.

What Montreal defenceman scored three goals in the 1993 Cup finals?

Patrice Brisebois

What is the fewest goals scored by one team in Stanley cup finals?

boston bruins

How many goals did world cup winners France score at the 2002 finals?

France won the World Cup in 1998 and scored 3 goals. Brazil won in 2002 and scored 2 goals.

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