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It was actually 60 & it was Dixie Dean for Everton in 1927-1928 season.

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Q: Who has scored the most goals in a season with 59?
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Who led the NHL in goals scored in 2000-2001?

Pavel Bure led the NHL in goals scored during the 2000-2001 season with 59 goals for the Florida Panthers.

What is Barcelona's best individual goalscoring record in the league during a season?

Ronaldo scored 34 goals for FC Barcelona in the 1996/97 season in La Liga. But in the 1921/22 season Clemente Gracia scored 59 goals in 50 games.

How many goals have been scored at The Hawthorns in the Premier League 2008-2009?

A total of 59 goals were scored in the 19 home fixtures of the 2008/09 Premier League season. 26 goals for WBA and 33 against.

How many goals has bastian schweinsteiger scored in his career?

Bastian ahs scored 59 goals in his career in total. 38 for Bayern Munich. 21 for Germany.

Who has scored the most goals in the Champions League?

Champions League top scorer is Raúl, who scored 71 goals playing for Real Madrid and Schalke. He is 11 goals ahead of 2nd place Ruud Van Nistelrooy, while the closest currently active player is Lionel Messi on 59 CL goals (as of end of season 2012/2013). The record for most goals in a single season (excluding qualifying rounds) is 14 goals, shared between José Altafini for AC Milan in 1962/63 and Lionel Messi for Barcelona in 2011/12.

How many goals did england scored in the world cup?

England have played 59 matches across 13 World Cup Finals: they've scored 77 goals.

How many goals has Miroslav Klose has scored for German National in all competition?

As of 21st March, 2011, Miroslav Klose has scored 59 goals in 106 appearances for the Germany National Team.

Who scored the most goals during qualification 2010 south Africa?

erm.. i think his name was simbarashe francis ganyiwa and Jordan kerr tied with 59 each :)

What is the Most points scored in a single game by the raiders?

59 points

How many goals did peter beardsley score for England?


What does pts stand for?

pts generally stands for 'points', an individual statistic measuring goals + assists for one player. For example, Evgeni Malkin, the NHL's leading scorer (aka he got the most pts or points) this past season (2011-12) scored 50 goals and got 59 assists, for a total of 109 pts

Who scored the most points in one game against Michael Jordan?

Kobe Bryant 59 points

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