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Hernia larsson

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Q: Who has scored the most goals in Europe for a british club?
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How many goals scored by Ronaldinho in Gremio club?

From 1998 to 2001, he has scored a total of 21 goals.

Who has scored more goals between Samuel eto'o and didier drogba?

Samuel Eto'o. Eto'o scored 293 club goals + 55 Cameroon goals = 348 goals. Drogba scored 252 club goals + 62 Ivory Coast goals = 314 goals. They are both legends anyway.

Which soccer club has scored the most goals?


What club has scored the most goals in a season?


How many goals has francesco totti scored?

188 goals for club and country.

What team scored the most goals in 2011?

It is the Chelsea club.

How many goals has Ronoldo?

He has scored 282 goals in his club career representing Lisbon, Manchester United and Real Madrid. He has scored 52 goals for his country, Portugal.

What is the highest number of goals scored by a player for a club and who has scored it?

There are undoubtedly many players who have scored billions of goals for their local club. However if we only look at players who have played for the top clubs in the world and represented their country, the answer would have to be Pele. Pele has scored over 1000 goals for club and country, 1281 to be precise.

Tore Andre Flo a former striker for Chealsea Football Club scored how many goals?

Tore Andre Flo scored a total of 24 goals from 1993 to 2012. He was born in Norway (Europe) in 1973 and played with many teams like Chelsea and the Rangers.

How many goals has Raúl González Blanco scored against Futbol Club Barcelona?

17 goals

How many goals romario has scored in his career?

many says that he scored 1000 goals but I heard that he got the record of top goal scoring of the world I mean he pass PELE who scored 1280 goals...

How many goals has Wayne Rooney scored in 2013 2014 season?

Wayne Rooney has scored 19 goals for country and club in the 2013/2014 season.