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Brett omerod Blackpool fc

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Q: Who has scored in every English league for the same team?
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Who holds the record for own goals in English football?

Terry Butcher scored six own goals at Rangers FC. Jamie Carragher has scored the same amount for Liverpool. Richard Dunne and Frank Sinclair have both scored six own goals in the Premier League.

Is English premier league and Barclays premier league the same?


How do you spell league in English?

The same way as that.

In the champions league does the away goal count as double if scored in extra time?

no it doesnt it still the same

How many players have scored in every round in fa cup?

Peter Osgood in 1970. No one has scored in every round in the same year as no team who contested the first round has ever got to the final. Peter Osgood scored in every round from the 3rd to the final in 1970 Jimmy Greaves has contested every round from first qualifying round to the final with various clubs in his career. In 1901 Spurs won the cup when they were a non league team, maybe the answers is there.

How many goals scored in total in premier league season 20072008?

There were 1002, exactly the same as 2006-2007.

Which player has scored in a fa cup final and a champions league final in the same year?

Didier Drogba( Chelsea)

What does goal difference mean in English soccer?

You take the amount of goals scored and subtract the amount of goals conceded and that gives you the goal difference. It can be negative or positive. It is used as a way of deciding the order of teams in a league when they have the same amount of points.

Is any major league players led the league in runs scored without stealing a base that same year?

In the last 50 seasons ... 1) Sammy Sosa of the 2001 Cubs led the National League in runs scored with 146 and had 0 stolen bases. 2) Cal Ripken Jr. of the 1983 Orioles led the American League in runs scored with 121 and had 0 stolen bases. 3) Roger Maris of the 1961 Yankees led the American League in runs scored with 132 and had 0 stolen bases. Through games played on 9/14/10 for the 2010 season, Mark Teixeira leads the American League with 104 runs scored and has 0 stolen bases.

Who scored a goal in champions league final and world cup final?

Zinedine Zidane. He scored both in the 1998 World Cup with France and the 2002 champo league with Real Madrid. Another player to do this is the prolific German striker, Gerd Muller. He scored in two European Cup Finals (1974, 1975) and scored in Germany's 2 - 1 win against the Netherlands in 1974, becoming the only player to have scored in the World Cup and the European Cup in the same year. zidane scored in 2002 champions league final real Madrid v bayer leverkusen

How many teams in English premier league start and finish with same letter?


Name the only man who has scored 13 goals Liverpool played for the same club all his career in the premier league and still plays for the same club now?

Not Jamie Carragher as in 599 games he has only scored 8 goals for Lpool. You counting own goals?

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