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Sir Donald Bradman - 309

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Q: Who has scored highest run in a day in a test match by individual?
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Who hit the highest score in test match?

Brian Lara of West Indies scored the highest individual score in a test innings. He scored 400* against England in 2004.

Who is the highest individual run getter of India in a match of both forms Test and ODI Cricket?

Virender Sehwag holds both the individual records. He has scored 319 in Test and 219 in ODI.

Which woman scored highest individual score in Test cricket?

Kiran Baloch

What is the highest score ever scored in a cricketers career?

i think it was Brian Lara's 400in a test match

Which woman has the highest individual innings score in a test match?

gargi banerji

What NZ cricketer has the highest individual test score?

Martin Crowe is the highest individual test scorer for New Zealand. He scored 299 runs against Sri Lanka in 1990-1991.

What is the highest amount of runs scored by an individual batsman in a single innings in any format of cricket ie test or first class or school level etc..?

I think it's Brian Lara. He scored 501 runs in a First class match.

What is the highest individual scoreof jayasuriain cricket's test match?

340 against India

Individual 10th highest score in test match?

211 by Billy Murdoch of Australia.

Where did Brian Lara break the world record?

Brian Lara broke the world record for the highest individual score in Test cricket at St. John's, Antigua, during a Test match against England in 2004 when he scored 400 not out.

Which country scored the highest number of runs in a test match?

australia made the record of winning 16 consecutive matches

Who scored the most runs in a test match?

Brian Lara, he is a West Indian batsman his highest test match score is 400 not out. He scored this againt England in 2004. Incorrect answer ! should be :- Graeme Gooch ; 333 & 123 England v India lords 1990