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Q: Who has scored and been sent off in the same game?
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How did Eric Cantona score in both halves of a match but was sent off in the first half?

was there a game where cantona scored in both halves and nicky butt was sustituted at half time.

Had been sent or has been sent?

has been sent

Have been sent or sent?

have been sent

When was the last time the Warriors sent a player to the NBA All stars game?

1997 when Latrell Sprewell went as a reserve ... he scored 19 points and had 3 rebounds in 25 minutes.

In a recent match for Newcastle Owen scored in 75th min but was sent off in the first half how was this possible?

He wasn't sent off.

Who scored the goal that sent Man City to the FA cup final?

Yaya Toure did!DER!

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In pre-ordering you are charged a payment for the game when it comes out, and it is usually sent straight to you. In reserving a game you can still change your mind about the game once it arrives, and you have to pay for it when you collect it.

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Did ronaldinho play with rivaldo?

They played together for Brazil. They were both members of the 2002 World Cup winning team. They also both scored in the quarter final against England, with Ronaldinho being sent off in that game.

Who is the only person that has been sent off in a volleyball game in bedford?

Martin Warman, he had an argument with the referee. good guy

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