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Possible the great Sir Stanley Matthews.

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Dennis Wise

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Q: Who has scored a fa cup hat-trick three decades?
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Who scored a hattrick the only time that England played in the finals of the World Cup?

Geoff Hurst

Who is the only player to have scored a hattrick in the finals of a FIFA World Cup match?

Geoff Hurst

Who scored the only hattrick in WC Final match?

It was scored by Geoff Hurst , in the 1966 world cup, held in England. It was against West Germany.

Who scored hattrick in world cup final?

It was Geoff Hurst in the 1966 world cup final verses West Germany.

When did ales hemsky score a hattrick?

Ales Hemsky scored his 1st career NHL hattrick with the Edmonton Oilers on March 20th 2012 in Nashville. And during the lockout, he played for his home team back in Czech Republic, he scored his 1st hattrick in the Czech Extraliga on November 4th 2012. His 1st ever hattrick tho, i think, was in an annual oilers Joey moss cup thing a couple years back, not sure.

How many hattrick this world cup?


Who scored first hattrick in the world cup belonged to Argentina?

Gabriel Batistuta is the only footballer to score two hat tricks in two different world cups, he is from Argentina.

How many Indian bowlers has taken hattrick in World Cup cricket matches?

In World Cup matches only Chetan Sharma has taken a hattrick against New Zealand in 1987.

Who is the only player to have scored a hat-trick in a world cup final?

Stan Mortensen bagged three for Blackpool when they Bolton 4-3 in 1953.

Which player has scored a hat trick in all four English leagues?

I was there at the millennium when he scored his hat trick against Scotland , the player in question is Robert Earnshaw , most of them for Cardiff , but his premiership hattrick was for West Brom vs Charlton

Who was the first bowler to take a hattrick in cricket world cup?

Wasim AkramWasim Akram

Which batsmen scored three consecutive centuries in world cup?

Steve waugh