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Allen, illingworth, botham, flintoff and broad

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Q: Who has scored 100 rins and taken at least 5 wickets at lords in their career?
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Who scored 100 and took 5 wickets in a test match at Lords?

Andrew Flintoff

Who was the first south African cricketer to take 10 wickets at lords in 2003?

Makhaya Ntini

Which Indian cricketer scored first century in Lords?

sourav ganguly

What cricketer has scored the most first class centuries at Lords?

Jack hobbs

Who scored 333 runs at Lords?

GA Gooch for England vs India

How many double centuries scored Lords?

Lords Cricket ground is a cricket ground located in London. It is generally called home of cricket. There have been 15 test double hundreds scored at this venue. Joe Root of England scored the latest one in June,2014 against Sri Lanka.

How many test matches has Ryan Sidebottom played for England?

He played 22 tests till 20 july 2012 and taken 79 wickets. He made his debut against Pakistan on 17 May 2001 at Lords

Who scored the most runs in a test match?

Brian Lara, he is a West Indian batsman his highest test match score is 400 not out. He scored this againt England in 2004. Incorrect answer ! should be :- Graeme Gooch ; 333 & 123 England v India lords 1990

How do you use the word gooch in a sentence?

Graham Gooch was an England cricket captain. He once scored 333 runs in a Test Match at Lords against India. He played for Essex.

What nicknames does Tony Lords go by?

Tony Lords goes by AJ Lords, Tony Vendetta, and Antoneo Lords J.

Who scored 333 runs in one innings?

Cricketer Graham Gooch hit a Test innings of 333 runs for England against India at Lords between July 26-27, 1990, at Lords. The game saw the only instance in Test history of a triple-century and century in the same innings.

When was House of Lords - Lords of the Underground album - created?

House of Lords - Lords of the Underground album - was created on 2007-08-21.

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