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Chaminda Vaas.who took four wickets in a first over of the match.

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Q: Who has record for the most wickets in first over of an innings?
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Which bowler took most wickets in one innings in cricket?

In 1956, England spin bowler Jim Laker took 19 wickets for 90 runs (19-90) which set not only the Test record for best match figures but also the first-class one.[15] Laker's second innings analysis of 10-53 was the first occasion of a bowler taking all ten wickets in a Test match innings and they remain the best innings figures. Indian Leg-spinner Anil Kumble is the only other bowler to have taken 10 wickets in an innings, claiming 10-74 against Pakistan in 1999.[16]

Who took most wickets in a test match for India?

anil kumble took most wickets. he bagged 619 wickets in tests. only bowler to take 10 wickets in 1 innings.

What team holds the record for most consecutive innings without a hit?

549873938737 innings

Who has the record for the most career innings in Major League Baseball?

major league baseball for the most career innings?

Who has the most number of wickets on a single venue in ODIs?

Wasim Akram has taken 122 wickets in 77 Matches at Sharjah, that's record for most wickets by a bowler on a single venue.

Who holds the record for most wickets taken stumped?

Adam Gilchrist

Who has the record for most wickets in one day internationals?

The most wicket record in one day international is held by the Indian fast bowler Anil Kumble in which he took 10 wickets against Pakistan.

What is mlb record for most consecutive shutout innings by team?


Who was awarded the purple helmet for the most wickets in the first edition of the IPL -?

Sohail Tanvir,from Rajasthan Royals, with 22 wickets, got the purple cap for most wickets in the first edition of IPL in 2007

Who holds the record for most innings pitched in one season?

Will Right holds the record, pitching 680 innings total for the Cincinnati Reds during the 1898 season.

Who has the maximum number of wickets in test cricket?

Muthiah Muralidharan holds the record for most no of wickets in Test and ODI i.e. 812&515 respectively

What is the record for most consecutive no hitter innings by a pitcher?

Cy Young had 25.1 consecutive no-hit innings in 1904 for the red sox.

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