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Reina, Zenden,Owen, Mcmanaman, Anelka, Gary Linker, Gravesen, Micheal Robinson,

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Christiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, Nistelroy

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Q: Who has played in a merseyside derby and el classico?
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Who played in merseyside derby Glasgow derby and el classico?

Thomas Gravesen

How many Players have played in the Manchester derby merseyside derby and el classico?

Steve McManaman

Who has played El classico and Milan derby?

Cristiano Ronaldo

Which players have scored in a merseyside derby Manchester derby and el clasico?


What national football teams play the el classico?

It is played in Spain and the word El Classico means The Classic. It is played between the two Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Which match is called el classico?

Each match played between Barcelona and Real Madrid , is called the El Classsico or The Classic.

Who is the top goalscorer in el classico?


One players did not play in the last El Classico?

The last El Classico was in 10th/April/2010. In Barcelona: Zlatan Ibrahimovic. In Real Madrid: Ricardo KAKA.

Which soccer match is called the El classico?

Barcelona vs Real Madrid

How many goals did messi score in 'el clasico'?

In the second El Classico Messi scored one goal.

Which match is called the El classico?

It's the Mexico league America vs Chivas!

How many goals has di Stefano scored in el classico games?

18 (eighteen)