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Bengie Molina played the first part of the season with the Giants before being sent over to the Rangers. He's going to be getting a World Series ring regardless of which side wins!

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Q: Who has played for both teams in any World Series?
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Have the Pirates ever played the Cardinals in a World Series?

No. They cannot play each other in the World Series as both teams are in the National League.

Have both wild card teams played in the world series?

Once ... in 2002 when the Angels defeated the Giants.

Has any player ever played for both World Series teams in the same season?

Bengie Molina

What is the most total home runs by both teams in a World Series?

The most home runs both teams in the world series was by Toronto and Baltimore in the 1987 game.

Have wild card teams represented both leagues in the World Series?

In the 2002 World Series, both the Angels and the Giants made the playoffs as wild card teams.

When did both of New York's baseball teams play in the World Series?


What two teams were in the 2102 World Series?

My crystal ball says the 2102 World Series will be the Chicago Cubs versus the Cleveland Indians. Remarkably however, somehow both teams will lose! :D

When was the last time the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox played in the World Series together?

They never played each other in the World Series. This couldn't happen due to the fact that both the Yankees and Red Sox are American League teams. The American league plays the National League in the World Series.

Who has played in both the World Series and the Super Bowl?

Deion Sanders.

What player played in both the Super Bowl and the World Series?

deion sanders, superbowl with the cowboys and world series with the braves

Where does the top teams of both leagues in Major LEague Baseball meet at the end of the baseball season?

The world series

What major league baseball players have played on both teams that are playing against each other in the world series?

I am currently getting the info, but for now, I just know Bengie Molina.

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