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roy keane

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Q: Who has played for Man Utd and Celtic?
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Which players have moved from Celtic to Man Utd?

Liam Miller was the last one, a free transfer from Celtic to Man Utd.

Played in man utd man city Celtic rangers Liverpool everyton games?

Andrei Kanchelskis

Who played for Celtic and Manchester utd in the 80s?


Players that have won English and scottish premiership medals?

Giovanni Van Bronkhurst ( Rangers and Arsenal) Colin Hendry (Rangers and Blackburn) Henrik Larson (Celtic and Man Utd) Roy Keane (Celtic and man Utd) Chris Sutton (Celtic and Blackburn) Andrei Kanchelskis ? (Rangers and man utd)

What player has played for all of these clubs in their career Liverpool fc man utd man city everton rangers and Celtic?

There are no footballers who have played for all of these clubs in their career.

Which Celtic and man utd player also has a lonsdale belt?

Jack Charlton

Who scored in all of these Man Utd v Man City Liverpool v Everton and Rangers v Celtic?

Andrei Kanchelskis, for Man Utd, Everton and Rangers.

Which players have won a scottish cup winners medal and an FA CUp winners medal?

Gordon Strachan (Aberdeen & Man Utd) Chris Sutton (Chelsea & Celtic) Andre Kanchelskis (Rangers & Man Utd) Kenny Dalglish (Celtic & Liverpool) Jimmy Delaney (Celtic & Man Utd) - Also won the Irish Cup with Derry City There will be plenty more!

How many times have Manchester united played Celtic?

38 games between these 2 teams,Resulting in 9 draws: 7 wins Man utd: 22 wins Celtic.

Who has the most fans Man utd or Celtic?

Manchester United have the bigger fan base.

Who won most match's played against each other Celtic or Man United?

Manchester Utd. have more combined wins than Celtic do since the first time they played each other , in which Celtic won the first match between the two.

Who played for Man Utd Liverpool and Celtic in Derbies?

There is only 1 player that has played in a Manchester Derby, Merseyside Deby and Old firm Derby and that was Andrei Kanchelskis (possible wrong spelling). This player played for Man Utd, Everton and Rangers. I don't believe any other player has managed this feat.

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