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Q: Who has played for 5 or more premiership clubs?
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Which players have scored a hat trick for 5 premiership clubs?

players who have played for 5 premiership clubs and scored for all 5 clubs

How many premiership clubs has emile heskey played for?

5: Leicester City, Liverpool, Birmingham City, Wigan Athletic, Aston Villa.

What players have scored for 5 or more premiership clubs?

Andy Cole for Man U v Ipswich , and Alan Shearer for Newcastle v Sheff Wed

Who has played for the most AFL clubs?

Dale Kickett - 5 Clubs

Name the footballer who played for 5 different clubs and capped for England at each club?

Paul Ince? Les Ferdinand? Though both played for more than five different clubs.

Which player has scored a goal for most premiership clubs?

Andy Cole, Les Ferdinand, Marcus Bent, Nicky Barmby and now Craig Bellamy are the only 5 to have scored for 6 different premiership teams.

How many british born footballers have played for more than 3 different clubs and won the European cup?


Name the players that played football for 5 or more clubs?

Nick Barmby - Leeds, Liverpool, Everton, Hull, Spurs

What 6 premiership footballers have scored for 5 different football clubs?

nick barnby, andy cole, peter crouch,craig bellamy, marcus bent

Which African striker played for 5 different clubs of Spain?


How many Premiership football teams has Nicolas Anelka played for in his career?

Nicolas Anelka has played for 5 Premiership football teams, these being Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City, Bolton Wanderers, and currently Chelsea.

Which player has played for the same manager at 5 different clubs?

peter crouch

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