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It is the French defender Mersaile Desaily.

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Q: Who has played for 2 champions league winning clubs but has never played in a champions league final?
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How many English clubs have played in the champions league?


Name 6 players who have played for 4 clubs who have won the champions league but they haven't got a champions league medal?


How many clubs in champions league?

There are 32 clubs in the Champions league. They are divided into 8 groups of 4.

Which player has played for 5 clubs who have won the champions league?

Clarence Seedorf????

Which player has played with 4 clubs in the champions league?

It is Clarence Seedorf of Holland.

How much money the winning team get for European champions league?

With bonuses and extra money included, Champions League winning clubs accumulate 40-50m in prize money.When real madrid won the league in 2014, they got 46m approx in prize money.

Which 3 clubs has Nicolas Anelka played for in the premier league and champions league?

Liverpool chelsea arsenal

Which spanish clubs have played in the champions league?

Real Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Valencia.

What players have played in the champions league for more than 4 different clubs?


Can you name an England player who has played in champions league for 3 English clubs?


What premiership player has played for three different clubs in the champions league?

Nicolas anelka.

What English player has played for 3 different champion league clubs in the champions league and England?

Michael Owen