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Nicolas anelka

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Q: Who has played football in England Spain Italy Germany and France?
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Soccer was first played in?

soccer was first played in USA. Football was first played in England,BRAZIL,WEST GERMANY,FRANCE etc.

Who has played in England Germany France Spain and Italy?

Zlatan ibrahimovic has played in Netherlands, France Spain and Italy and Robben has played in England, Germany, Spain and Italy.

Why is England a rubbish football team?

England is a rubbish team because they played against Germany and they lost 4,1.

Why is England's football team rubbish?

England is a rubbish team because they played against Germany and they lost 4,1.

What football player played in 5 major European football leagues?

John Carew - Italy, Spain, France, England and Turkey

Germany played England at football on 19 11 2008 who scored for Germany?

Patrick Helmes (

In which country was the first game of darts played?

Most likely England, but there is evidence that soldiers played the game in France and Germany.

Football is mainly played in two countries?

Wrong. To be fair, football is mainly played in England, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Israel, Holland, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Scotland, Russia and countless others. Football is the biggest sport in the world. I do hope we're talking about soccer here, and not American Football, which sucks.

What do you mean by international sports?

Sports that are played at international level (e.g. France vs England at football/soccer).

What Scandinavian football player has played in top league of England Italy Germany and Spain?

Jon Dahl Tomasson

What did Germany and England do on Christmas day World War 2?

they played a football (soccer) game against each other

Which players have played in England Spain Italy and Germany?

Henry Barcelona, Arsenal and juventus, Dider deschamps Valencia, France

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