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Jean Claude van damne

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Q: Who has most yellow cards in premier league?
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Which premier league game had the most yellow cards?

Had to be a Blackburn or a Bolton game surely ;)

What player got most yellow cards in premier league history?

Lee Bowyer with 99 yellows

Which season in the french league had the most yellow card?

The 2002/2003 season in the French league had the most yellow cards. The number of yellow cards were 1,654.

Name the most booked player in Premier League history?

The most booked player in English Premier League history is Robbie Savage (Wales), who has received a record 89 yellow cards during his stints in the league with Leicester City, Birmingham City, Blackburn Rovers and Derby County.

What player got the most red or yellow cards in the premiership 2007-2008?

Nicky Butt had the most yellow cards last season with 13.Richard Dunne, Sulley Ali Muntari and Ryan Nelsen got the most red cards with 2 each.Reference : Opta Premier League Statistics 2007 - 2008.

Which football player has got the most red cards in the premier league?

nemanja vidic

Which player received Most red cards in season in premier league?

Nemanja Vidic

Who are the players with the most red cards in the Premier League?

Duncan Ferguson, Patrick Viera, and Richard Dunne have the most red cards in the history of the Premier League, with 8 each. They are followed by Vinnie Jones, Roy Keane & Alan Smith on 7.

WhichTeam has with worst disciplinary record in premier league ever?

Manchester City, more specifically Mario Balotelli, has the most yellow cards and two red cards in the 2011-2012 season. After the firework incident nearly burning down his bathroom and countless retaliations at Mancini and other players, Mario Balotelli has the worst disciplinary record in the Barclays Premier League.

Which team has won the premier league the most?

Manchester United has won the premier league the most

Why is premier league called premier league?

Because it's seen as the most prestigious league in the world. It is also officially Barclay's Premier League or the English Premier League and is just shortened to plain premier league.

Which player has been booked most in Premier League?

As of May 6, 2009 the two players with the most yellow cards this season are ;Marouane Fellaini of Everton with 12 Yellows and Wilson Palacios of Tottenham Hotspur, also with 12.

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