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Since 2000 England have scored 169 tries. France have scored 138 Wales have scored 107 Ireland have scored 133 Scotland have scored 61 and Italy have scored 62

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Q: Who has most tries in the RBS 6 Nations?
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In which sport is there RBS 6 nations tournament?


Who won RBS 6 nations 2013?


Who scored most tries in the 6 nations?

Brian O'Driscoll, 21

When was the last time England beat Wales in a Rbs 6 nations game at the millennium stadium?

England first beat wales in the rbs 6 nation in 2001 in January

What is the most tries scored by Ireland in a single Match within the 6 nations Championships?


Where can one find the newest 6 nations fixtures?

The newest 6 Nations fixtures can be found on the official RBS Nations website. The site features a list of fixtures and scores and also an online store.

Who scored most tries in 5 nations?

Ian smith has scored the most ever tries in 4, 5 and 6 nations. he played between 1924 and 1933. this record remains even though it was set when there were only 4 teams in this championship and it was called the home nations.

Where can one purchase 6 nations tickets?

6 Nations Tickets can be purchase through a variety of online retailers. These online retailers include Ticket Master, Via Go Go, RBS 6 Nations, Online Ticket Express, and Get Me In.

Who won the 2010 rugby grand slam?

France defeated England 12-10 to clinch the 2010 RBS 6 Nations Grand Slam

Who is the record point's scorer in the RBS 6 Nations?

Formerly, Jonny Wilkinson. Record overtaken by Ronan O Gara in 2009 season. (Specifically vs. Scotland, at Murrayfield on 14/3/2009)

Who played the most 6 nations games for England?


When is the next game for ireland vs france?

The next game in the Official RBS 6 Nations Rugby 2011 Championship will be held on February 13th, 2011 at 15:00 GMT, at AVIVA Stadium. Go Ireland!!!

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