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Pat Jennings with 119 caps

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Q: Who has most northern Ireland football caps?
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Who is most capped goalkeeper?

Peter Shilton (England), with 125 caps. Second comes Pat Jennings (Northern Ireland) with 119 caps.

Who has had the most French football caps?

Lilian Thuram with 142 caps between 94 and 08 scoring 2 goals

What borders the northern part of Ireland?

There is the border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, in the northern part of Ireland. The most northern point on the island of Ireland is actually in the Republic of Ireland, not Northern Ireland, as you will see at the map at the link below. Around the northern coast, is the Atlantic Ocean.

What The dominant religion in Northern Ireland is?

Christianity is the dominant religion in Northern Ireland. Most people in Northern Ireland are members of a Protestant church, such as Presbyterians or Anglicans, who are members of the Church of Ireland.

Which Newcastle player has the most international caps?

Shay Given has won 78 caps for Ireland as a Newcastle player...

What province of Ireland does Northern Ireland mostly include?

Most of the Irish province of Ulster is in Northern Ireland. 6 of its 9 counties make up Northern Ireland, with the other 3 being in the Republic of Ireland.

What drink does Northern Ireland be famous for?

Bushmills Whiskey is the most well known drink from Northern Ireland.

Most Scotland football caps and still playing?


Who has won the most football caps for spain?

Casillas I think

Which stretches farther south Ireland or Northern Ireland?

The proper term for what people call southern Ireland is the Republic of Ireland. The most southerly point of Ireland is Mizen Head, in Co. Cork which is in the Republic of Ireland. The most northerly point of Ireland is Malin Head, in Co. Donegal, which is also in the Republic of Ireland. Northern Ireland consists of 6 of Ireland's 32 counties, but neither the most northerly or southerly point of Ireland is in Northern Ireland. The most westerly point is also in the Republic of Ireland, in Co. Kerry, but the most easterly point is in Co. Down in Northern Ireland. See the map below, which shows all the counties of Ireland, with the 6 yellow ones being those in Northern Ireland.

What takes up most of Ireland?

Most of the island of Ireland is taken up by the Republic of Ireland, with the rest being Northern Ireland.

Is the US bigger then northern Ireland?

hahaha northern Ireland is tiny. Most states in the US are bigger than it.