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muthayya murli dharan

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Q: Who has most hat rick in cricket?
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Who was the first new zealand bowler to take hat trick?

Chetan Sharma was the first bowler to take hat-trick in Cricket World Cup. He took hat-trick in 1987 Cricket World Cup.

Why is a hat trick called a hat trick?

The cricket term hat trick appeared first in British print in 1858. It refers to one player scoring three times in a row. In cricket jargon, one bowler takes three wickets with three balls in a row. That player was then permitted to pass around his hat and collect a few modest "rewards" such as pennies. So runs one story. Another says the cricket club bought the hat-tricking player a new hat. There are many versions of how the hat trick became connected to soccer, hockey, etc. most of which don't have supporting evidence.

Who is the 1st person to have a hat- trick wicket in cricket history?

Fred Spofforth of Australia was the first man to get a hat-trick in test cricket.

What Walt Disney character is always wearing a hat?

Jiminy Cricket

What is the name of green hat worn by Australian cricket players?

Baggy green

How many double hat-tricks have been in test match cricket?


Who has taken hat-trick in first over of test cricket?

Irfan Pathan.

Who bowler has the most clean bowled in cricket?

Pasan Rajapakse. On a cricket Finals he bowled six wickets in a row and broke the middle stump into several pieces. Also he is being named for the bowler with no wides and 6 Hat-ricks

Who was the first cricketer to take a hat trick in World Cup cricket?

chetan sharma got the first hattrick of world cup

Who was the first Indian bowler to claim hat-trick in test cricket?

Harbhajan Singh

Baggy Green Googly and Hat-trick are all terms used in what sport?


Who was the youngest bowler to score a hat-trick in one day cricket?

Aaqib Javed