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After the 2012 All-Star Game, the all-time record is National League 43, American League 38, 2 ties

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Q: Who has more wins in the All-Star game the American League or the National League?
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When the American league and national league baseball teams play does the DH rule apply?

There is a DH if the game is played in the American League team's ballpark. There is no DH if the game is played in the National League team's ballpark.

Does the pitcher in a Major League Baseball game get to hit?

There are two leagues in American major league baseball, the American League and the National League. The American League has the designated hitter rule which allows for someone other than the pitcher to bat in the pitcher's place. The pitcher does not bat in the American League. The National League does not have the designated hitter rule. The pitcher does bat in the National League.

When was the last time the National League won an All Star game?

It was on July 10, 2012. The National League defeated the American League, 8-0.

What is the final score of the 2011 all-star game?

National League 5, American League 1.

Value of signed baseballs from 1961 all star game by American league and national league squad?


What is the name of the competition between the American baseball league and the national baseball league?

Ummm the All Star game?

Who won the MLB all star game?

The American League defeated the National League by a score of 5-4

What is the average number of hits in an MLB game?

For the 2008 season, 17.8 in the National League and 18.4 in the American League.

Who won the last all-star game?

Mlb: West Nba: West Nhl :East What are you talking about the mlb doesnt have a east and west game its a American and national league game and the winner of that game was the American league

When was the first major league all-star game played?

The game was held on July 6, 1933 at Comiskey Park in Chicago, the home of the Chicago White Sox of the American League. The game resulted in the American League defeating the National League 4-2.

Who won the 2007 MLB all-star game?

The American League defeated the National League by a score of 5-4

What year was the first National League and American League all-star game played?

In 1933 Arch Ward, the sports editor of the Chicago Tribune, put together the first All-Star Game between the American, and National League, as a part of Chicago's Exposition that year.

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