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According the the NFL Record & Fact Book, the overall record of Eagles/Giants games is:

82 wins for the Giants

74 wins for the Eagles

2 ties

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Q: Who has more wins in eagles vs the giants?
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Where can one find information on all time wins of Giants vs Eagles?

The Giants and Eagles have a rivalry in that they have played more than one hundred games against each others. You can find all scores for their games on pro-football-reference.

When the football game eagles vs giants who won?

Eagles won.

What is the eagles vs giants record?

81-73-2 with the giants in the lead

In the movie facing the giants What was the final score of the Eagles vs Giants State Championship Game?

24-23, in favor of the Eagles.

Patriots Super Bowl wins?

Their Superbowl wins came in 2001 vs the Rams, 2003 vs the Panthers, and 2004 vs the Eagles.

What are the release dates for Behind Enemy Lines Eagles vs Giants - 2010?

Behind Enemy Lines Eagles vs Giants - 2010 was released on: USA: 29 September 2010

New York Giants 2010 schedule?

Week 1- Giants vs Panthers (Won, 31-18) Week 2- Giants vs Colts (Lost, 38-14) Week 3- Giants vs Titans (Lost, 29-10) Week 4- Giants vs Bears (Won, 17-3) Week 5- Giants vs Texans (Won, 34-10) Week 6- Giants vs Lions (Won, 28-20) Week 7- Giants vs Cowboys Week 8- Giants vs Seahawks Week 9- Giants vs Cowboys Week 10- Giants vs Eagles Week 11- Giants vs Jaguars Week 12- Giants vs Redskins Week 13- Giants vs Vikings Week 14- Giants vs Eagles Week 15- Giants vs Packers Week 16- Giants vs Redskins

Who is responsible for the miracle at the medowands Eagles vs giants?

QB Joe Pisarcik of the Giants fumbled on a handoff attempt, and DB Herman Edwards of the Eagles returned it for a touchdown.

What are the release dates for The NFL on CBS - 1956 Philadelphia Eagles vs- New York Giants 27-32?

The NFL on CBS - 1956 Philadelphia Eagles vs- New York Giants 27-32 was released on: USA: 11 December 1982

When is the Eagles vs. Giants game?

The first Eagles vs. Giants game of the 2011 season is scheduled for September 25th at 1pm Eastern. The game will be aired on FOX-TV. They are also scheduled to play on November 20th at 8:20pm. That game will be aired on NBC

When is the next scheduled Eagles VS Giants game?

The next Eagles vs Giants game is currently unknown. The schedules for football only come out yearly they are not given years ahead of time, thus, it is uncertain as to how soon a game will be played against each other.

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