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Manchester United. By a distance.

MUFC : 58 Trophies including every major honour and 3 European cups.

CFC : 21 Trophies including minor ones and no European cups.

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Arsenal - 39 Honours

Chelsea - 25 Honours

Arsenal but Chelsea have been winning more, more recently

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arsenal have won more in total 18 man u 14

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Q: Who has more trophies arsenal FC Chelsea FC?
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Who has more trophies Chelsea fc or fc Barcelona?

Barcelona have more trophies then Chelsea by miles.

Who has more trophies Arsenal fc and Celtic fc?

Celtic Celtic have 109 trophies to Arsenals 45

Who has won more trophies arsenal fFC or Manchester united FC?

Manchester United FC.

How many time has Chelsea fc won arsenal fc?

Chelsea have won arsenal 43 times.

What professional football player has won the most trophies?

R.Miah - Manchester United - 27 Trophies K.Ali - Chelsea FC - 18 Trophies W.Rooney - Manchester United - 9 Trophies M.Akhtar - Arsenal - 0 and counting..

How many season ticket holders does arsenal fc Manchester united fc Liverpool fc and Chelsea fc have respectively?

arsenal - 22000 (before emirates) Chelsea - 25000 manu - 67000

Which trophies have arsenal fc won?

all of them apart from Champions league

What is Cole Sprouse's favourite football team?


How many trophies has Chelsea fc won in the last ten 10years?


Who is Chelsea fc?

Chelsea FC is a football Team playing in Barclay's Premier League. They are situated in south London, and their main rivals are Arsenal and Manchester United.

What is the name of Arsenal FC's local rivals?

Tottenham Hotspur FC are Arsenal's biggest local When these two teams play, it is called the North London Derby. Chelsea FC are also rivals from London.

Is Chelsea fc in north London?

Chelsea is in East London. Their rivals are Fulham and West Ham. On the north, there is Arsenal and Tottenham