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Q: Who has more trophies Liverpool FC or Manchester United FC 50k?
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Who has more trophies Liverpool or Manchester united until august 2010?

Both Liverpool and Manchester united have 18 E.P.L trophies each.

Who has won more trophies in last since year 2000 Liverpool fc or Manchester united?

Manchester United have won more trophies then Liverpool since 2000.

Who has more troWho has more trophies Liverpool FC or Manchester United?

Liverpool as of March 2012

Who won more trophies since 1975 man united or Liverpool?

It is Manchester United over Liverpool.

How many more trophies do Liverpool have over Manchester united?


Who has more trophies arsenal or Liverpool?

Arsenal - 39 Honours Liverpool - 63 Honours Liverpool

Who has more trophies between man utd and Liverpool in 2012?

Manchester united

Who has more trophies Liverpool FC or Manchester United FCevo?

Manchester United 60 - Liverpool Fc 59Daz Madmak Macd smelly scouse rat

Who has won more trophies man utd or Liverpool?

It could be Liverpool over Manchester United by a small margin.

Who is better Liverpool FC or Manchester City?

In Europe, Liverpool are the better side but in England, United are better. United have 19 BPL trophies compared to Liverpool's 18

Who has the most trophies Manchester united or Liverpool?

Manchester United have won the most with 64. Liverpool have won 63.

Why is Manchester united better than Liverpool?

At the moment they are more successful possibly due to the great management of Sir Alex Ferguson, but overall Liverpool have won more trophies than United.