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the cowboys

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Q: Who has more Super Bowl wins cowboys or redskins?
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Who has more super bowl rings Dallas cowboys or Washington Redskins?

Dallas won five Super Bowl championships, while Washington has won three.

Did the same two teams ever play in more than one super bowl?

Through Super Bowl XLIII: 1) The Cowboys and Steelers have met three times Super Bowl X: Steelers 21, Cowboys 17 Super Bowl XIII: Steelers 35, Cowboys 31 Super Bowl XXX: Cowboys 27, Steelers 17 2) The Dolphins and Redskins have met twice Super Bowl VII: Dolphins 14, Redskins 7 Super Bowl XVII: Redskins 27, Dolphins 17 3) The 48ers and Bengals have met twice Super Bowl XVI: 49ers 26, Bengals 21 Super Bowl XXIII: 49ers 20, Bengals 16 4) The Cowboys and Bills have met twice Super Bowl XXVII: Cowboys 52, Bills 17 Super Bowl XXVIII: Cowboys 30, Bills 13

Who has more Super Bowl wins cowboys or giants?

Cowboys.Through Super Bowl XLIII, the Cowboys have 5 Super Bowl wins and the Giants have 3 Super Bowl wins.

Do the Washington Redskins have more Super Bowl rings than the Pittsburgh Steelers?

No. The Pittsburgh Steelers have six Super Bowl rings and the Washington Redskins have three.

Which team is worth more the cowboys or the redskins?

Cowboys > Patriots > Redskins > Giants > Eagles

Who has had more Super Bowl wins?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have 6 Super Bowl wins The San Fransisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys have 5 Super Bowl Wins

Who has more Super Bowl Titles the Dallas Cowboys or the Oakland Raiders?

Dallas has five Super Bowl championships; the Raiders have three.

What team has been in the super bowl 4 or more consecutive years?

The cowboys!!

What NFL team has been to the super bowl more times?

Dallas cowboys

Which quarterback Super Bowl appearance with more than one team?

Craig Morton: Super Bowl V, Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl XII, Denver Broncos

Which two teams are better redskins or Dallas cowboys?

The Cowboys have won more of the contests between them and the Redskins

What football team never won a super bowl?

I know for sure that the Cowboys didn't make it into a Super Bowl. Go to for more information about that.

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