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Darren Lockyer

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Q: Who has missed the most tackles in NRL history?
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What is the most tackles in an NRL game?

Nathan Hindmash is the most tackler in Rugby League.

What is the record for most tackles in one game?

If your refferring to an AFL match. St Kilda Played Hawthorn this year they got a record 99 or so tackles... that is the most in a single game wow 99 tackles by the whole team in a game, in the nrl Nathan hindmarsh has the record with 75 tackles in a match against the Melbourne storm

Who made the Most tackles in Rugby league game in Australia?

Micheal Luck of the New Zealand Warriors made 74 tackles on the 25th of April 2009 against the Melbourne Storm in a 14-14 draw after extra time. Nathan Hindmarsh, He currently holds the world record for the most tackles made in a single game in the 2007 NRL season amassing 75 tackles against the Melbourne Storm in round 23.

Why is nrl good for you?

it's not, if your a fan, yes it's quit amazing to watch on TV. The influence of NRL towards kids isn't good because "hits" and "tackles" is a drangous stunt to do in another human being.

Best nrl team?

"brisbane broncos , they have won every grand final they've been in and have made the finals for the last 18 years running" - Guy who wrote before me. Not True! The thing is, the NRL isn't 18 years old, it started in 1997 and the first season was played in 1998, making (when this answer was written) 12 years old. Also, just because you have won the most Granfinals in NRL history, it doesn't mean your the best. I've recently added up all the statistic for every team since 1998 and the most successful all up team is... drum roll... Melbourne Storm! Bulldogs actaully come second and third place is Broncos. But if you are going off Grandfinals alone, not tackles made, missed tackles, tries scored, points scored, games won, games lost, Dally M's, Players who made the Origin/Test side, ect... Then it's a tie between Broncos and Melbourne.

Which team has the most fans for nrl?


What are the Nrl rules?

the rule of nrl are:no tackles above the shouldersif you drop the ball forward it is a knock onyou can not put an opposing player in a dangerous positionif you do notgo back 10 metres after the tackle you are offsideif you are in front of the kicker you are offsidethese are just the basic rule but there many more

Who has played for the most nrl clubs?

Darrien dougherty

Who is the most famous NRL player?

Jared Hayne.

Who has the most consecutive nrl games?

Jason Taylor

Which nrl team will improve the most?

Canterbury Bulldogs

What is the most popular rugby league?

NRL in Australia, is the far most popular RL world-wide, because of the amount of supports. NrL is ranked second "most popular sport'

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