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Ryan Giggs

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Q: Who has made the most appearances in all competions for the same English club?
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Which Welsh football club has made the most English FA cup final appearances?

Cardiff, with two.

Welsh football club has made the most English FA cup final appearances?

Cardiff, with two.

Which football player has made the most appearances for a single English club?

Ryan Giggs for Manchester United

What English club has made the most appearances in top flight history?

Everton, Becoming The First English Club To Surpass 100 Seasons In Top Flight, Currently On Their 113th Season In Top Flight.

What English club did Roberto Mancini briefly play for?

Roberto Mancini made five Premier League appearances between January and February 2001 for Leicester City, though in none of these appearances did he manage a full 90 minutes play.

Which player has the highest number of appearances for English clubs?

Peter Shilton, a goalkeeper, made over 1000 competitive appearances.

How many caps has arsene wenger won?

No international caps. He only made 130 club appearances.

Which Irishman made over 500 appearances for Manchester United after joining the club in 1990?

Dennis Irwin, an Irishman, joined United in 1990, but 'only' managed an impressive 368 appearances.

Who is Peter Beardsley?

Peter Beardsley (born January 18, 1961 in Hexham, Northumberland) is a former English footballer, who made 59 appearances for the English national team between 1986 and 1996. He made 756 league appearances in 20 years as a professional player.

How many appearances did eduardo da silva made for arsenal?

He made 288 appearances.

Is made appearances a verb?

The word 'made' is a verb, the past tense of the verb to 'make'.The word 'appearances' is the plural form for the noun 'appearance'.The combination of words, 'make appearances' is the verb and its direct object of a sentence or clause; for example:He made appearances but he never performed.In Cincinnati we made appearances on Friday and Saturday.When it made appearances in and around the house, we called the exterminator.

What year did sir bobby charlton retire?

His last league club was Waterford United where he made 4 appearances and scored one Goal in 1976.

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