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Rogers Hornsby with 301 home runs never played in an All Star game. For modern day players, Tim Salmon hit 299 home runs and never played in an All Star game.

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Q: Who has hit the most career home runs with out being in an all-star game?
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Who has the most career home runs without ever being in a World Series?

Ken Griffey, Jr., with 630 career home runs (as of 2012).

What player has the most career home runs without a multi home run game?

Lou Pinella

Who has the most career home runs without being an all star?

Elrod Hendricks

Who is Home and away in college bowl games?

Home and away refers to the where the game is being played, and the home team often wears white. The team that is the home to refers to what city the game is being played in.

Babe Ruth's 3 home runs for Boston Braves?

Ruth hit three home runs in a game for the Braves against the Pittsburgh Pirates on May 25, 1935. Those home runs were the final home runs of his career. Five days later he injured his knee in a game against the Phillies. That game was the final game in his career as he announced his retirement two days later.

How many home runs to lead off a game has Derek Jeter hit in his career?

Derek Jeter's latest lead off home run came on June 20, 2012, which gives him 28 for his career.

Do home runs in an all-star game count in career home runs?

No, the only home runs that would count towards career home runs are thise hit in regular season games. Home runs for all star games and postseason games are kept as separate statistics.

When was babe ruths 714 home run?

May 25, 1935 in a game for the Boston Braves against the Pittsburgh Pirates. He hit three home runs in the game, the final three of his career.

Who was the player with the most career steals of home?

Ty Cobb with 54 career steals of home

How many career home runs for Mickey Mantle?

Career statistic: Home runs - 536

Most home runs in a career?

Barry Bonds has the most career home runs with 762.

What player had 500 career stolen bases and had 500 career home runs?

Barry Bonds ... 762 career home runs and 514 career stolen bases.

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