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Bud Grant.

Grant was head coach of the Minnesota Vikings for 18 seasons (1967-1983 and 1985) without winning the Super Bowl. He guided the Vikings to 4 Super Bowl appearances (SBs IV, VIII, IX, XI) without winning.

Currently (2009), Jeff Fisher is in his 16th season as head coach of the Tennessee Titans franchise without winning a Super Bowl. The Titans played in Super Bowl XXXIV but wound up on the losing end.

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Q: Who has coached the same team in the NFL the most seasons without winning the super bowl?
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Who has coached the most super bowls without winning?

Bud Grant, Marv Levy, and Dan Reeves have all coached in 4 Super Bowl eachand lost all of them.

Who is the longest tenured coach in NFL history to not win a championship?

bum phillips As far as head coaches winning an NFL championship it is Dan Reeves who coached 23 seasons and 357 regular season games without winning a Super Bowl. Reeves coached teams to 4 Super Bowls (Denver 3 and Atlanta 1) but lost each one. Next comes Chuck Knox with 22 seasons and 334 regular season games as head coach. Knox did not coach a team to the Super Bowl. Next comes Marty Schottenheimer with 21 seasons and 327 regular season games as head coach. Marty did not coach a team to the Super Bowl.

What NFL Coach has the most NFL victories without ever winnning a Super Bowl?

The coach that coached entirely during the Super Bowl era who has the most wins without winning a Super Bowl is Marty Schottenheimer with 200 between 1984-2006.

Winning coach of each redskin Super Bowl win?

Joe Gibbs coached all 3.

Who coached the cowboys last Super Bowl win?

Barry Switzer, who was the winning coach when the Dallas Cowboys defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XXX, 27-17.

What years did the Redskins win a Super Bowl?

Seasons 1982, 1987, and 1991 were their Super Bowl winning teams.

Can you but a Vince Lombardi trophy without winning the Super Bowl and how?

The Lombardi Trophy is present to the winner of the Super Bowl. It is impossible to win the Lombardi trophy without winning the Super Bowl.

Who has participated in the most Super Bowls without winning?

buffalo went 4 times in a row with out winning

How many seasons in a row did Bill Cowher coach the Pittsburgh Steelers to the playoffs?

Bill Cowher coached the Pittsburgh Steelers from 1992 to 2006. In those 15 seasons, the Steelers had 10 post season appearances, winning a single Lombardy Trophy in Super Bowl XL in 2005. The longest playoff streak Cowher had was six seasons in a row, from 1992 to 1997. In that streak, the Steelers made one Super Bowl appearance (losing to Dallas in Super Bowl XXX), 2 Conference Championship game appearances, 2 Divisional games and 1 Wildcard game appearance.

Who is the only coach to lead a team to four consecutive super bowls?

Marv Levy coached the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowls XXV, XXVI, XXVII, and XXVIII. The years were 1991-1994 (1990-1993 seasons).

Who were the kickers for the Denver Broncos in there Super bowl?

Jason Elam kicked for the Broncos in both their winning Super Bowl years following the 1997 and 1998 seasons.

Which six NFL coaches have played in the NFL and have also coached teams that won Super Bowls?

Tom LANDRY: Played for NY Giants. Coached Dallas Cowboys in a Super Bowl win.Mike DITKA Played for Chicago Bears. Coached Chicago Bears in a Super Bowl win.Dan REEVES: Played for Dallas Cowboys. Coached Denver Broncos in a Super Bowl win.8ill COWHER: Played for the Philidelphia Eagles, the Cleveland Browns and the Chicago Bears. Coached Pittsburg Steelers in a Super Bowl win.Don SHULA: Played for the Cleveland Browns, the Baltimore Colts and the Washington Redskins. Coached Miami to a Super Bowl win.Chuck NOLL: Played for the Cleveland Browns. Coached the Pittsburg Steelers in a Super bowl winClose, but no cigar...John Madden: Drafted by Philadelphia but injuries kept him from ever playing a game. Coached the Oakland Raiders to a Super Bowl win.-----Add to the list Tony Dungy, who played with the Steelers and 49ers and was the coach of the Super Bowl winning Colts in SB XLI.

Whick team was first awarded the vince lombardi trophy?

The Vince Lombardi trophy was named after the first super bowl winning coach. Vince Lombardi coached the Green Bay Packers.

Which teams have covered the spread in the Super Bowl without winning?

dallas cowboys

4 time super bowl winning coach?

Chuck Noll, of the Pittsburgh Steelers - he won Superbowls VIII and IX (1974 and 1975 seasons) and XIII and XIV (1978 and 1979 seasons).

What team has lost the most Super Bowls without winning?

Through Super Bowl XLIV, both the Minnesota Vikings (SBs IV, VIII, IX, and XI) and the Buffalo Bills (SBs XXV, XXVI, XXVII, and XXVIII) have lost four Super Bowls without winning one.

What NFL team has won a Super Bowl but has the longest streak without winning a Super Bowl?

new york jets

Which player had the longest career in NFL but doesn't have a super bowl ring?

Well, the player that played the most seasons is George Blanda (26 seasons from 1949-1958 and 1960-1975) and he did not win a Super Bowl. He was the place kicker for the 1967 Oakland Raiders that played and lost to the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl II. But Blanda's career started long before there was a Super Bowl. The player whose career started after the Super Bowl was begun and played the most seasons without winning a Super Bowl was K Morten Anderson who played 25 seasons (1982-2004, 2006-2007). Anderson was the place kicker for the 1998 Atlanta Falcons that played and lost to the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXXIII.

What team has played in the most Super Bowls without winning?

Through Super Bowl XLII, that would be the Buffalo Bills and the Minnesota Vikings who have both played in four Super Bowls without a victory.

Have the redskids ever won a Super Bowl?

The Redskins have won three of five appearences in the Superbowl, winning in the 1982, 1987, and 1991 seasons.

What team has been to the Super Bowl the most times without winning?

buffalo bills

Who coached the first super bowl?

Vince Lombardy

What year did Tristan Carter win the super bowl with the Denver Broncos?

There is no evidence that anyone named Tristen Carter played on the Denver Broncos squad during either of their Super Bowl winning seasons.

How many Super Bowl wins did the Pittsburgh Steelers have between 1974 - 1979?

The Steelers won four Super Bowls during that time span. Winning in the 1974, 1975, 1978 and 1979 seasons.

Has any quarterback won 5 Super Bowls?

No. Only John Elway has even played in 5 Super Bowls. Otto Graham played in 10 Championship Games in 10 seasons, winning 7 of them, but that was before the Super Bowl.