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Tim Henman was disqualified in the mid-90s for hitting a ball at a ball girl. he was the first man ever to be DQ'd at Wimbledon.

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Q: Who has been disqualified from Wimbledon?
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Was Tim Henman ever disqualified from Wimbledon?

Yes, Tim Henman was disqualified from Wimbledon in 1995 during a doubles match when in a fit of anger he swatted a ball out of bounds and hit a ball girl in the head.

Who was the first player to be disqualified at Wimbledon?

Tim Henman was disqualified in 1995 for swatting a ball in a fit of anger that struck a ball girl.

Who was disqualified from Wimbledon in 1995?

Tim Henman was disquaified from the doubles tournament in the 1995 Wimbledon tournament after hitting a ball in anger, which then hit a ball girl on the head

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