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Usain Bolt has never been beaten but has lost the 2009 olympic games in Osaka. Usain bolt came second in the race and lost by the american record-breaking sprinter Tyson Gay.

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Q: Who has beaten Usain Bolt in a race?
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Who has beaten usain bolt?

Yohan blake beat Usain Bolt

Which athlete has beaten Usain Bolt recently in 100m race at the Diamond League in Stockholm?

It was American Tyson Gay.

How many times has Usain bolt been beaten?


When was Usain Bolt's first race?


Timing of Usain Bolt in 100m race?

Usain Bolt can run as fast as 9.69 seconds in a 100M race, but his average time is around 9.75

What is Usain Bolt's pre race ritual?


What and when does Usain Bolt eat before a race?


Has Usain Bolt ever lost a race?

what do you think?!

Who was in the race with Usain Bolt and what were there record?

Tyson Gay was in the race where Usain Bolt ran 9.58 seconds. Tyson Gay set the American record at 9.71 seconds.

Who holds the record for the 100 meter race?

Usain Bolt

What does Usain Bolt eat before a race?

Chicken nuggets

Who is the fastest in the world at the 100 meter race?

Usain Bolt.

Who ran the fastest 200 meter race?

usain bolt

What is the longest step of usain bolt in 100m race?


Who is the famous person that won a race recently?

Usain Bolt

What is Usain Bolt's worst fear?

not beating the rest in a race

What made Usain Bolt famous?

opinion champion race

Has usain bolt lose a race before?

ya he lose to juan Camargo in a race

How much money does usain bolt get after each race?

he earns nothing

When did Usain Bolt win the 100m race?

he won on the 12 august.

Who holds the world record for the 100 meter race?

Usain Bolt

Which male won the100metre race for the 2008 Olympics?

Usain Bolt

Has Usain Bolt ever been beaten?

Yes he has been beat 3 times actually! He was bet by someone from Jamaica Yohan Blake and he bet him all 3 times but, Yohan Blake has never bet Usain Bolt's world record so Usain Bolt remains the fastest man alivie until its beaten.

What nicknames does Usain Bolt go by?

Usain Bolt goes by Lightning Bolt.

Who is faster a wolf or usain bolt?

who is the fastest usain bolt or a wolf