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Q: Who has absolute proof of Sidney Crosby and Tessa Virtue hooking up during the Olympics?
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What year was Sidney Crosby in the Winter Olympics?


Why is Sidney Crosby a olympian?

Yes, He was in the 2010 Olympics.

Is Sidney Crosby in the Olympics?

Yes. He is playing for Team Canada.

How many times has Sidney Crosby been in the Olympics?

only one counting these Olympics

What is Sidney Crosby's number in the 2010 Olympics?

His number is 86! Your welcom ! :-)

How many goals did Sidney Crosby score in the 2010 Olympics?


Is Sidney Crosby the best shooter of the Canadian team of the Olympics?

No, Jonathan Toews was better in the Olympics.

Has Sidney Crosby ever been in the Olympics before?

i think this is his first time

Has Sidney Crosby competed in any Olympics?

yes in b.c. Canada Vancouver

Are Sidney Crosby and tessa virtue dating?

No, they just hooked up during the Vancouver Olympics

How did the Sidney Crosby train for the Olympics?

he played the 2009-2010 regular season with the Pittsburgh penguins

Sidney Crosby's middle name?

Sidney Crosby's birth name is Sidney Patrick Crosby.