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Wrestlemania VII - Defeated Jimmy Snuka

Wrestlemania VIII - Defeated Jake 'The Snake' Roberts

Wrestlemania IX - Defeated Giant Gonzalez

Wrestlemania XI - Defeated King Kong Bundy

Wrestlemania XII - Defeated Diesel

Wrestlemania XIII - Defeated Psycho Sid

Wrestlemania XIV - Defeated Kane

Wrestlemania XV - Defeated The Big Boss Man

Wrestlemania X7 - Defeated Triple H

Wrestlemania X8 - Defeated Ric Flair

Wrestlemania XIX - Defeated Big Show and A-Train

Wrestlemania XX - Defeated Kane

Wrestlemania XXI - Defeated Randy Orton

Wrestlemania XXII - Defeated Mark Henry

Wrestlemania XXIII - Defeated Batista

Wrestlemania XXIV - Defeated Edge

Wrestlemania XXV - Defeated Shawn Michaels

Wrestlemania XXVI - Defeated Shawn Michaels

Wrestlemania XXVII - Defeated Triple H

Wrestlemania XXVIII Defeated Triple H

Wrestlemania 29 - Defeated CM Punk

Wrestlemania XXX - Lossed to Brock Lesnar

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Q: Who has Undertaker beaten at WrestleMania?
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Will undertaker ever be beaten in WrestleMania?

No he will never be beaten

Has hbk beaten undertaker?

He has beaten him before, but not at wrestlemania.

Is there anyone can beat The Undertaker?

Yes,he has been beaten loads of times,just not at Wrestlemania.

Has the undertaker ever been beaten?

Yes, he has been beaten before, but not ever at Wrestlemania where he currently holds a streak of 18-0.

Did undertaker lose in WrestleMania?

No the Undertaker has never lost at Wrestlemania

Has there ever been a match between the undertaker and Triple H?

Yes they have wrestled before. In fact the Undertaker has beaten Triple H at Wrestlemania before

Will undertaker return at WrestleMania XXVII?

Sure, the living legend The Undertaker returns to WrestleMania XXVII to continue his undefeated Streak at WrestleMania. The Undertaker has been continuing undefeated WrestleMania streak from WrestleMania VII. The Undertaker participated in almost all WrestleMania pay per views except 1994 and 2000 WrestleManias. Due to undefeated victories, WrestleMania becomes Undertaker and Undertaker becomes WrestleMania. There is no WrestleMania without Undertaker. So, this year at WrestleMania XXVII, The Undertaker mesmerizes entire wrestling world one more time.

Who faced undertaker at WrestleMania?

no one because undertaker started at wrestlemania 8

Who did undertaker defeat at wrestlemania 16?

Undertaker didn't compete at Wrestlemania 16

Did undertaker lose to triple h at wrestlemania 27?

The UnderTaker did lose at WrestleMania.

Why was the undertaker not at WrestleMania x1v?

Undertaker was at WrestleMania 14, he had a match with his "kayfabe" brother, Kane!

Who faced undertaker in WrestleMania 16?

Undertaker didn't have any matches at WrestleMania 16.

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