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Peter Crouch

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Q: Who has Played for 3 premier league clubs?
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Which 3 clubs has Nicolas Anelka played for in the premier league and champions league?

Liverpool chelsea arsenal

Who played his first 3 premier league games for different clubs?

Sean Irwin

Name 3 players currently playing in premier league who have played for 6 or more premier league clubs?

Andy cole Marcus bent Craig bellamy

Which player has played for 3 clubs in the premier league and won?

The clubs who have won the Premier League are Manchester United, Blackburn Rovers, Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester City. I don't believe that any player has won three Premiership titles with three of these clubs.

Player who has won the premier league with 3 different clubs?

Cristiano ronaldo

Who has made more than 100 premier league appearance for 3 different premier league clubs?

Rory Delap and Gary Speed

Which premier league player has won the premier league fa cup and champions league with 3 clubs?

The answer is Kanu - Premiership with Arsenal, FA Cup with Portsmouth and Champions League with Ajax.

What players have played for 3 or more Premier League clubs?

There are many players who have played for 3 or more Premier League clubs, including: Andy Cole Teddy Sherringham Nicolas Anelka Michael Owen Carlton Palmer Stan Collymore Emile Heskey Nicky Barnby Jermaine Defoe Peter Crouch David James Richard Dunne Jimmy Bullard

How many English clubs have played in the champions league?


What Players have scored a hatrick for 3 different clubs in the premier league?

Kevin Campbell, Teddy Sheringham and Les Ferdinand.

Has Nicolas Anelka scored hat-tricks for 3 different premier league clubs?

No, only for Man City (twice).

Who has scored hat tricks for 3 different premier league clubs?

Kevin Campbell, Yakubu, Sherringham, Les Ferdinand

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