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Yes! Storyline: Trish Stratus (in and out of storyline) Maria Kanellis (Never became a real relationship), Lita (in and out of storyline) Only divas he actually dated for real was: Lita, Kelly and Trish. He is currently married to Beth Britt.

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Jeff is NOT single!!! He is in a 10 year relationship with Beth Britt

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He hasn't really dated any of them, but in a storyline he's dated trish stratus.

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Q: Who has Jeff hardy dated in all of the WWE divas?
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Has Jeff hardy dated any WWE divas?

No he has a long time girlfriend No he has a long time girlfriend

What name is of street were live Jeff hardy?

WWE Superstars/divas do not give out their home address

Who is Jeff hardy's favourite diva?

Jeff Hardy is not dating a WWE Diva. Their have been on-screen relationships with WWE divas but nothing more than that. He has been dating Beth Britt since 1999.

Will Jeff Hardy ever come to Caldwell?

yes in 2010 if wwe does a live show but not for televsion sorry, with other wwe superstars and divas.

Will Jeff hardy ever come back to WWE?

Jeff Hardy will be back in WWE eventually. As of 2010, Jeff Hardy is signed with WWE.

When will Jeff Hardy be back in WWE?

It is unknown when or if Jeff Hardy will be returning to WWE.

When Jeff hardy return to WWE?

jeff hardy return to wwe in royal rumbel 2012 and if he is not return jeff hardy never come back to wwe

Is Jeff hardy on WWE?

No he is not in the wwe anymore. Jeff Hardy is now in now on TNA.

What is WWE Jeff hardy phone nembar?

WWE Superstars and Divas do not give out their phone numbers or address out to the public

Is Jeff hardy in WWE?

Jeff Hardy is on TNA wrestling

When did Jeff hardy enter WWE?

Jeff Hardy entered the WWE back when it was the WWF in 1998

What is Jeff Hardy's fan number?

Sorry The WWE Superstars/Divas do not give out their phone numbers to the fans it is for their privacy and security and that of their family. WWE doesn't have fan phone lines.