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Armando Benitez holds the record for most saves in a singles season by a New York Met with 41, in 2001.

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Q: Who had the most saves for the Mets in one season?
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Most wins for Mets in one season?

108 in 1986 when they won the world series

What New York Mets pitcher has the most base hits in one season?

mike hampton?

What is the most saves Eric gagne has had in one season?

55 a few years ago.

Who was the New York Mets captain for the 1984 season?

no one

How many games did the Mets win in the 2007 season?

The Mets finished their 2007 season with an 88-74 record placing them one game behind the Phillies. The Mets had had a 7 game led over the Phillies on September 12 but lost the playoff berth after losing the last game of the season. It is regarded as one of the worst regular season collapses in baseball history.

Who will be the best MLB Team in 2011 season?

One word! Four letters! The METS!

What MLB team has the most one-hitters?

ny mets

Most save opportunities for a pitcher in a season?

A save is credited to a pitcher who finishes a game with a certain number of saves or percentage of save opportunities. Mariano Rivera is the MLB's leader in one season's saves with 652.

What number did Carlos Gomez wear as a Met?

Carlos Gomez played one season with the Mets (2007) and wore #27.

What pitcher holds the record for most consecutive saves in one season?

Bob Stanley, who pitched with the Red Sox between 1977-1989, is the Red Sox career saves leader with 132. Through games played on June 13, 2009 Jonathan Papelbon has 129 career saves and, barring disaster, will take over as Red Sox career saves leader shortly.

Is Rickey Henderson still involved in baseball?

The Mets did not sign Rickey back for the 2008 season. As of right now he is affiliated with no one.

Who was the first White Sox pitcher to get 30 saves in one season?

Ed Farmer with 30 in 1980.