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Mike Schmidt

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Q: Who had the most hits for phillies in 1980's?
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Who has the most hits for the Phillies from 1980-1989?

pete rose

Which 1980s album has had the most number one hits?

thriller Micheal Jackson

Who has the most career hits in phillies history?

Mike Schmidt with 2234.

What MLB player had the most hits in the 1980s?

Robin Yount had the most with 1,731 from 1980 thru 1989.

What phillies player has most career hits against atlanta?

Jimmy Rollins

Who has the most hits phillies history?

254Lefty O'Doul1929 Letfy O'Doul in 1929 254

What was good about the 1980s?

the 1980s where famouse for its pop era mickel Jackson was one of the greatist hits in 1980s he was known as the king of pop "hope that helps"

What artist has the most top 40 hits during the 1980s?

the artist with the most UK top 40 hit singles during the 1980s was Shakin Stevens. Shakys career spanned exactly the whole decade, with first hit in 1980 and the last in 1989.

Who had most winning Major League Baseball hits?

The "game winning hit" statistic was an official statistic for a few seasons in the 1970s and 1980s, but is no longer an official stat. Therefore, there is no way to determine who had the most game winning hits.

What major league baseball team holds the record for most hits in a single game?

The Philadephia Phillies had 36 hits in their game against Louisville on 17 August 1894.

What major league baseball player collected the most hits during the 1950's?

That was Richie Ashburn of the Philadelphia Phillies with 1,875.

What 2 players hit 300 home runs in 1980s?

Mike Schmidt of the Phillies with 314 and Dale Murphy of the Braves with 308.

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