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Probably Brett Favre who is in his 19th or 20th year in the nfl and who now plays for the minnestota vikings

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Q: Who had the longest NFL quarter back career?
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What NFL running back has never fumbled in his career?

BenJarvus Green-Ellis has the longest streak of carries to start an NFL career without a fumble (589).

Who has the longest career NBA or NFL?

morten Anderson nfl from 86 to 08

Who is the best quarter back in NFL?


Who is the toughest quarter back in the NFL?

Brett favre

Who is the greatest NFL quarter back?

joe Montana

Is Aaron Rodgers the best quarter Back in the nfl?


Who is the biggest quarter back in NFL history?

big ben

Who is quarter back named Lynn Swan?

Lynn Swann was a wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers during his NFL career. The primary quarterback for the duration of his tenure with the Steelers was Terry Bradshaw.

What is the longest single play in the nfl?

The longest play you can make in the NFL is for a receiver in the end zone to run a kickoff back for a touchdown. A lot of players have done it.

Is Peyton Manning the highest paid NFL quarter back?


What is the average career of NFL running back?

1000 years

Who is the best quarter back?

The Best Quarter back is Drew Brees, He has one the most MVP's through out the season's he has been in the NFL. Also he has broken the record for the most complete catches in NFL history.