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Bobby Orr

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Q: Who had the first million dollar contract in the NHL?
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What did Sidney Crosby make his first year in the NHL?

He made 850,000 from 2005 to 2008. then he signed for 9 million per year with an 8.7 million dollar cap hit.

Which NHL player has the highest career earnings?

That would be NHL superstar Alexander Ovechkin who signed a 13-year, $124 million contract

How much do NHL hockey player get paid a year?

Each NHL hockey player gets paid a different amount depending on their contract. In 2014, the salaries range from 9 million to 12 million for top players.

Who signed first 1000000 nhl contract as player?

bobby hull

How much money do you make playing NHL hockey?

The league average for a player nowadays is approximately $2 million US per year. Entry-level players, that is players that are new to the league, are limited by the league to sign contracts under $1 million per year for their first contract. The top paid player for 2008-09 was Dany Heatley who received $10 million in the first year of a five-year contract. The contract was 'front-loaded', meaning he received the highest yearly amount in the first year and his salary goes down year-by-year. Each team is limited by a 'salary cap' set by the NHL, which sets a maximum that a team can pay its NHL roster of players. In 2008-09 this was $56 million US. Players who are injured or on the minor league 'farm' team are not counted towards this figure. The average time that a player is in the league is between five to ten years. There are over 600 players in the NHL.

Who is the most paid player in the NHL?

THE ANSWER is ALEX ovechkin, his mommy made his contract and makes 10 million dollars a year

Who is the most paid NHL person?

In 2008, Alex Ovechkin signed a 13-year, $124 million contract with the Washington Capitals. This is currently the highest-paying contract in the league.

What is a one way NHL contract?

A contract which pays the same regardless of whether the player is assigned to the NHL team or to the NHL team's minor league affiliates, as opposed to a "two way" contract which assigns different pay rates depending on whether the players is assigned to the NHL team or to the NHL team's minor league affiliates.

Who was the first nhl player to make one million dollars?

Bobby Hull

How much is the largest nhl contract ever signed?

As of 2013, the largest NHL contract (erroneously still called "ice hockey" by Americans) belongs to Alexander Ovechkin (Alexander the Great or the Great 8) which runs 13 years (until 2021) and is worth $124 million USD. Shea Weber, Sidney Crosby and Ilya Kovalchuk also have contracts worth $100 million (USD) or more.

What was manon rheaume first NHL team?

Manon Rhéaume signed a contract with the Tampa Bay Lightning in 1992.

How many NHL matches does ESPN show in a year?

ESPN used to have a contract with NHL to broadcast their matches. However, NHL decided to enter a ten year old contract with NBC Universal that was worth two billion dollars.

Do they get their full salary if injured in the NHL?

they do if they have a contract

What NHL team did Chris Knuitz play on in 2009?

In 2009, Chris Kunitz played 62 games for the Anaheim Ducks, and he was then traded along with prospect Eric Tangradi to the Pittsburgh Penguins for defenseman Ryan Whitney. where he has played since then. Kunitz has played for the Penguins since then, recently signing a 3 year/ 11.55 million dollar contract extension.

Why was Ilya Kolvachuk's Devils contract rejected by the NHL?

The contract violated the league's salary cap.

Why does Sidney Crosby were 87 on his jersey?

He Was Born 8/7/87He made 8.7 million in his rookie contractSlight correction. He was born on 8/7/1987, but he did not make 8.7 million in his rookie contract. He made a league maximum for rookies, which I believe was slightly over 1 million per season + for his first three years. So he probably made about 3.3 to 3.5 over his first three years plus undisclosed performance based team bonuses. This would have not brought him anywhere near 8.7 million per season. He went on to sign the deal worth an average of 8.7 million per season after his first 3 years in the NHL.

What is the maximum player contract in the NHL?

2 LT

How do NHL players get paid US or Can funds?

They sign a contract

If the player is under NHL contract but playing ahl what do they make?

It depends on the type of contract they have. A two-way contract stipulates the amount the player would make playing in the NHL, and a different amount if they were playing in the AHL. So a player might make $525,000 in the NHL but only $65,000 if hes laying in the AHL. A one-way contract however only has a single salary. So no if he's making $545,000 in teh NHL and is sent to the AHL his salary would still be $525,000

Who is the richest NHL player?

If you are looking for salary/year. Brad Richards with his new contract playing for the New York Rangers. 9 Year contract worth $12 Million per Season. However, you then get into sponsor endorsements which would probably put Sidney Crosby tops.

What is the mean average salary of an NHL hockey player?

The NHL's average salary for 2011 was $2.4 million, although the salaries range from $525,000 to $9.538 million a year (Alexander Ovechkin).

What are all the hockey teams in Canada worth?

collectively the nhl teams are worth about 1300 million dollars the Toronto maple leafs are worth the most in the nhl at 332 million dollars

Who scored the first NHL goal?

Dave Ritchie scored the first NHL goal.

What does an NHL coach earn?

1-5 million a year

What is Andrew peters NHL salary?

It is 0.500 Million Dollars.