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In football, the three greatest were Lawrence Taylor, Eric Dickerson, and probably Barry Sanders.

How about Randy Moss? He caught 17 touchdown passes and with Cris Carter underneath the Vikings had an unstoppable passing attack. 15-1 and an eventual fluke loss in the NFC championship game. They should have been Super Bowl champs that season I still can't believe they weren't.

JESSE Allison. The starting quarterback of the 1953 packers. He ran for 568 yards and threw for an estimated 2,000 yars

Gale Sayers of the Chicago Bears. In 1965, he ran for 867 yards, caught 29 passes for another 507 yards, scored 22 touchdowns and threw a touchdown pass.

Cam Newton, QB for Carolina Panthers 2011. 4000+ pass yards, 21 pass TD. 700+ rush yds, 14 rush TD. Statistically, no one's even close

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This year Cam Newton won the rookie of the year award, not a panthers fan but good for him! (: Aaron rodgers won MVP and drew brees won offensive player. Patrick Willis won defense player. Oh by the way Andy Dalton and A.J Green came second and third for rookie of the year!

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Q: Who had the best rookie year in the NFL ever?
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