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North Carolina has won 5 national championships, in 1957, 1982, 1993, 2005, 2009. Duke has won 4, in 1991, 1992, 2001 & 2010.

Teams with more or the same amount of championships than UNC and Duke:

UCLA - 11 Championships

Kentucky - 7 Championships

Indiana - 5 Championships

Connecticut - 4 Championships

Kansas - 3 Championships

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Q: Who had more national championships duke or North Carolina?
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What ACC teams have won men's NCAA national basketball championships?

North Carolina, Duke, NC State and Maryland

Who has more national championships duke or north carolia?

North Carolina has more National Championships with 5 (1957, 1982, 1993, 2005, 2009) compared to Duke's 4 (1991, 1992, 2001, 2010). Duke was the runner up in 6 years making 10 total Finals appearances. North Carolina was the runner up in 4 years making 9 total Finals appearances.

How many previous NCAA championships have duke NC won?

North Carolina have 5 and Duke have 4

Who won the last ten ACC mens basketball championships?

2000 - Duke 2001 - Duke 2002 - Duke 2003 - Duke 2004 - Maryland 2005 - Duke 2006 - Duke 2007 - North Carolina 2008 - North Carolina 2009 - Duke 2010 - Duke 2011 - Duke

Who has won the most ncaa basketball championships between duke and unc?

As of 2009, North Carolina has won 5, and Duke has won 3 since 1938. North Carolina also won in 1924, so if you count before 1938, they have a total of 6 National Titles.

What college basketball teams has the most national championships?

U.C.L.A.-11 Kentucky-8 Indiana-5 North Carolina-5 Duke-4 UConn-4

Which team has the most national championships in college basketball?

The UCLA Bruins have 11 championships, followed by the Kentucky Wildcats with 7, the Indiana Hoosiers and North Carolina Tarheels with 5 and the Duke Blue Devils with 4.

Who has more sports national championships Michigan or Duke?


Who has more acc tournament championships duke or Carolina?

duke has the most 18

What college has won the most ACC tournaments?

As of 2005 North Carolina and Duke are tied with 15 championships a piece.

How many acc teams have won the ncaa basketball championships?

North Carolina, Duke, NC State and Maryland.

Who has won the most ACC basketball championships between Duke and North Carolina?

North Carolina leads with 25 ACC Tournament Championships and 34 regular season titles. Duke has 23 ACC Tournament Championships and 22 regular season titles. Duke has won 19 ACC Men's titles, UNC has won 17. UNC has 9 Women's titles, Duke 8. Total titles: Duke 27, UNC, 26.

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