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Q: Who had blue and white hoops first qpr or reading?
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What colours do bath rugby side play in?

Royal blue and light blue hoops intersected with white thin hoops and white collar

What color is QPR kit?

QPR play in Blue and White Hoops.

What soccer team plays in blue and white hoops?

Greenock Morton, Dyce Juniors & Kilwinning Rangers (Scotland) Reading & Queens Park Rangers (England) De Graafschap (The Netherlands)

What to wear with a blue blazer on the first day of sixth grade?

White. Blue and white is classic.

Why were the Queens Park Rangers Football Club nicknamed the Super Hoops?

The only reason Queens Park Rangers Football Club were nicknamed the Super Hoops is simply because of the pattern of their football strip. Their home strip is blue and white with the alternating colors being horizontal. Hence the nickname.

Which is the first book of the Blue is for Nightmares series... silver is for secrets Red is for Rememorance White is for Magic or Blue is for Nightmares?

Blue is first.

What colour was the first dalek?

the first Daleks were white and blue

What is the little blue guys name from hoops and yo yo?


What color is a hula hoop?

Hula hoops come in all different colors: blue, green, purple, pink, orange, red, yellow, and white. They can be striped, glittery, and polka-dotted, too.

What color is Dominican Republic?

you mean the flag ? well the flag is mainly red,white,and blue and in the middle of the flag there is a bible with words reading across from it , a little bit of yellow green and brown but the main colors are red white and blue !

Witch comes first on the french flag blue or red?

It's Blue, White and Red.

Why magnet poles are colored red and blue?

first of all they are not red and blue they are white and red. it has something to do with the wires

What are the 3 colors on the french flag?

white blue and red white blue and red white blue and red white blue and red white blue and red white blue and red

Who is the purple mouse in hoops and yoyo and i dont mean Piddles the little blue one?

Not Piddles. That is PUCK.

What is Cristiano Ronaldo's favorite color?

purple and white

What country was the first to have a red white and blue flag?


What was the name of the first confederate flag?

Bonnie Blue. It is a blue flag with a single white star in the middle.

Can an Italian cane corso bull mastiff have blue eyes and a patch of white on his chest?

White patch yes. Puppies have blue eyes at first. Eyes that remain blue do not fit the breed standards.

What color is Guatemala's flag?

the colors on the Guatemalan flag is blue white and then blue againblue white blue not white blue white or blue blue white

What is blueprint reading?

reading a blue print

When was Reading Blue Coat School created?

Reading Blue Coat School was created in 1646.

How do you place the gem on the totem in nabooti island?

First purple Second green Third Red Fourth White Five Blue First purple Second green Third Red Fourth White Five Blue

Who designed the blue room in the white house?

one of the first ladies

What is Luna lovegoods favorite color?

Light purple

What year did the Indy Colts wear blue pants with white jerseys?

The Indianapolis Colts wore blue pants with their white jerseys for the first three games in the 1995 season.