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Q: Who got the first ever gold medal in the commonwealth games?
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When was the first time India took part in the Commonwealth Games?

India participated in the second Commonwealth Games held in 1934. Rashid Anwar won the Bronze medal in Welterweight Wrestling, India's first ever Commonwealth Games medal

Have Maldives ever won a medal at a commonwealth Games?


How many events where in the first Commonwealth games?

59 events were contested at the first-ever Commonwealth Games in 1930.

Has a Northern Irish athlete ever won a Commonwealth medal?

As of the end of the 2014 Commonwealth Games, Northern Ireland has won 113 medals in the history of the games.

What was the year the first commonwealth game ever held?

The first Commonwealth Games were held in 1930.

What were first team sports at the Commonwealth Games?

The first-ever Team Sports at the Commonwealth Games were Rowing, Athletics and Swimming

Has Australia Ever Won a Commonwealth Games' Netball Gold?

Yes, Australia has won the gold medal for netball at the Commonwealth Games. Netball was first included in the Commonwealth Games in 1998. Australia won the netball Gold at these games. They also won in 2002. New Zealand won in 2006, and Australia again won gold in the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

Which country where the first commonwealth games held 2010?

India hosted its first-ever Commonwealth Games, when it won the right to host the Games in Delhi.

Has south Africa ever hosted the commonwealth games?

No, South has never hosted the Commonwealth Games. It will host its first Games in 2022.

Where and when were the first ever commonwealth games held?

Hamilton, Ontario ,Canada

Where was the first ever commonwealth games held?

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

When did Uganda ever win a medal from the Olympics?

I believe the London games was the first medal. Gold for the marathon.

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