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Reading, Southampton and West Ham were promoted to the Premier League in 2012.

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Q: Who got promoted to the Premier League in 2012?
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Who got promoted to the premier league in the 2007 2008 season?

They are Hull , Stoke and Sunderland.

Which 3 premier league teams got promoted in 2011?

Swansea, QPR and Norwich City.

Did Norwich City Football Club get promoted?

Yes, Norwich City FC got promoted to the Barclays Premier League this year (2011).

Team in cocacola championship playoff 2010?

Cardiff and Blackpool. Blackpool got promoted to the Premier League

Who got promoted to the premier league in the 2008 2009 season?

They were Hull City, Stoke city and Sunderland.

Which 3 teams got promoted to premier league 2010?

Newcastle United, West Bromwich Albion and Blackpool.

Who got the most goals in premier league in 2012-13?

Van persie

What Players have won the premier league and and got relegated from the premier league?

Roy Keane

When was the last time all 3 newly promoted teams survived their first season in the Barclay's premier league?

Fulham, Blackburn and Bolton, got promoted in the season 2000/01 and did not get relegated again the year after.

Which player won the premier league champions league uefa cup fa cup got relegated from the premier league and he is now back playing in the premier league?

Nwankwo Kanu - won the premier league and fa cup with Arsenal. won the uefa cup with internazionale, won the champions league with ajax, got relegated with west brom and now is back in the premiership with portsmouth

Who will win the 200809 premier league?

It has got to be fulham or west brom

Who got the quickest 50 goals in premier league?

Andy cole

How many players in 2010 got sent off in the premier league?

58 red cards were distributed in the 2009-10 premier league season.

Who got the most penalties in premier league in 2009-2010?

man united

Who got relegated from the premier league 2010?

They were Hull City, Burnley and Portsmouth.

Who got the most premier league assists during 08-09?


Who got relegated from premier league 2011?

West ham, Blackpool and Birmingham

Which team is joining the Barclay's premier league in 2012?

Reading got the first promotion spot with first in the championship. Southampton got second. West Ham United beat Blackpool in the playoff.

Who has the fastest yellow card in English premier league?

i don't know the premier league but a Mexican goalkeeper oswaldo sanchez got a yellow before the game started

Which football player has got the most red cards in the premier league?

nemanja vidic

Whos got the smallest pitch size in the premier league?

Stoke City FC

What is the worst place Chelsea have done in the premier league?

15 in the league manager got sacked after 20 games in charge

Which 3 premier league teams got relegated last season?

In the season of 2007/2008, the three teams relegated from the Premier League were Reading, Birmingham City and Derby County

Players that have won the premier league and the champions league and got relegated from the premier league?

Andy cole Dwight yorke AndersonNicky Butt and Nwankwo Kanu.Andy Cole won the Champions League and Premier League with Manchester United but was never relegated from the Premier League.Nwankwo Kanu won the Champions League with Ajax and The Premiership with Arsenal before he got relegated from the Premiership while he was at West Bromich Albion.Nicky Butt won a Champions League medal with Manchester United and he won the Premier League with Manchester United, He was relegated whilst playing with Newcastle United.carrick, butt, teddy, berg, Irwin, kanu, yorke, greening, cole

Has gareth bale got a girlfriend?

Yes, he metioned her on a show called Premier League World.