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Q: Who got more Super Bowl wins giants or dallas?
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Who has more Super Bowl Titles the Dallas Cowboys or the Oakland Raiders?

Dallas has five Super Bowl championships; the Raiders have three.

Which quarterback Super Bowl appearance with more than one team?

Craig Morton: Super Bowl V, Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl XII, Denver Broncos

When was the last time the New York Giants went to the Super Bowl?

That was Super Bowl XLII where the Giants defeated the New England Patriots 17-14. Prior to Super Bowl XLII, the last time the Giants were in the Super Bowl was Super Bowl XXXV played January 28, 2001 against the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens won 34-7.

Who did the Dallas Cowboys defeat in their first Super Bowl?

The Cowboys have won five Super Bowl championships:Super Bowl VI (1-16-72) -- Dallas 24, Miami Dolphins 3.Super Bowl XII (1-15-78)-- Dallas 27, Denver Broncos 10.Super Bowl XXVII (1-31-93) -- Dallas 52, Buffalo Bills17.Super Bowl XXVIII (1-30-94) -- Dallas 30, Buffalo 13.Super Bowl XXX (1-28-96) -- Dallas 27, Pittsburgh 17.

Who has been to the super bowl more times the Dallas Cowboys or the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Both the Dallas Cowboys and the Pittsburgh Steelers have appeared in eight Super Bowls.

Who do you think will win the Super Bowl Giants or Patriots?

well,the giants were always winning and the patriots were undefeated also. But giants had more votes so giants has more chance to win.

Who won Super Bowl 12?

The Oakland Raiders defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 27-10 in Super Bowl XV. Click on the 'Super Bowl XV' link on this page to read more about the game.The Oakland Raiders defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 27-10 in Super Bowl 15.

Who has more super bowl rings Dallas cowboys or Washington Redskins?

Cowboys have won 5 superbowls, the Redskins have won 3.

Do the Dallas Cowboys have more championships than the Pittsburgh Steelers?

No. The Steelers have six Super Bowl championships and the Dallas Cowboys have five.

Who went to the super bowl the most times NE Patriots or Ny Giants?

The NE Patriots have won more than the Giants.

What team has been to the usa super bowl more than any other?

As of October 2014, Dallas and Pittsburgh have both been to the Super Bowl 8 times.

How many team have 4 or more Super Bowl wins?

San Francisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburg Steelers all have 5 Super Bowl wins.