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Q: Who gifted Ferrari to Sachin and why?
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Which model of Ferrari was gifted to Sachin Tendulkar?

Ferrari Modena 360

Who has gifted ferrari car to sachin tendulkar?

fiat India

Who has gifted ferrari car to Sachin Tendulkar and why?

He was gifted the Ferrari by FIAT for breaking Sunil Gavaskar's record of the most test centuries.

What is the price of Ferrari gifted to sachin?

It was estimated to be around 2 crores Indian rupees

How does Sachin travel?

In a Ferrari

Do sachin have a Ferrari in India?


In which year sachin tendulkar got Ferrari?

In 2002

How many people have Ferrari's in India?

There is only 1 ferrari in India and sachin tendulkar onws it.

How many type of Ferrari's are there?

Currently the company produces six models.

Who has gifted a ferrari to aravinda de Silva?

Michael Schumacher

How many cars sachin tendulkar have?

4 cars including His Ferrari

How much sachin tendulkar signed for fiat ad?

ferrari car