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Q: Who gets the ball after a blocked extra point and the defense runs it back and gets 2 points?
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How do you score blocked extra point?

0 points... because it was blocked...

Can the defense run the ball on a blocked extra point in the NFL?

No. if you return it you get 2 points

How many points are scored if the defensive team blocks the extra point and returns it for a touchdown?

In High School, the minute a try is kicked, it is dead, regardless if the kick succeeds, misses, or is blocked behind the line. If there is a fumble on a two point conversion and the defense takes possession, the ball is dead and the try has failed. In the NCAA/NFL, if a PAT is blocked behind the line and possessed, or a two point conversion is turned over (interception or fumbled) and returned into the end zone it adds two points to the defense's score.

If you block an extra point in the NFL and return it will you get any points?

You do not get extra points for blocking an extra point attempt. Points in football can only be scored by action in the end zone. First, the above answer is incorrect, as points scored by kicking the ball through the uprights do not involve "action in the end zone." Second, in college football you ARE awarded two points if the defense blocks an extra point and returns it all the way across the opposing goal line in one play. But in high school or the NFL, blocked PATs are immediately ruled dead.

How many points are earned in college football when the defense blocks an extra point and returns it for a touchdown?


When a defensive touchdown is scored does the offense get credit for the extra point or does the defence get credited with the whole 7 points?

The defense gets credited with six points because they scored the touchdown and they didn't kick the extra point.

What are all the possible ways a football team could earn 12 points?

6 safety's., 1 TD no extra point two fgs, Two TD no extra pts, 4 , 2 fgs and 3 safety's. Really odd ones - 1 TD with extra pt two safety's and blocked extra or returned by defense to opposite end zone is 1 pt , 12 blocked extra pts returned 3 fg a safety and blocked pt. etc etc etc

When defense blocks the extra point and returns for touchdown for two pointswhat is that called?

It doesn't matter that it is a blocked extra point or an interception or a fumble recovery, if either team scores by possessing the ball in their end zone, it is a 'two-point conversion.'

Can a blocked extra point attempt be advanced by the defense?

Yes. A missed field goal that hits the ground results in no points and the opposing team taking possession at the spot of the kick (not the original line of scrimmage). If the opposing team catches the ball and returns it, the recovering team would instead get the ball at the point where the return ends. It is possible to return the missed FG for a touchdown.

Who kicks off after a team scores 2 points after a blocked extra kick return?

The team that scores a TD always kicks off to start play regardless of whether their extra point try was successful or not.

Can a blocked field goal try be returned?

== Returning a Blocked Point After an Attempt = yes you can and same goes for a 2-point conversion COPIED FROM THE COLLEGE RULE BOOK if you return a blocked point all the way back to the other endzone you are awarded 2 points

How many points for passed extra point in football?

One extra point is awarded.