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a ring is given to everyone that the president/manager of the winning team deems is worthy! Not just the 25 man roster who played

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Q: Who gets rings if a team wins the World Series?
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What team has the 2nd most. World Series rings?

Tye St. Louis Cardinals have the second most World Series rings with 10.

What team has the second most World Series rings?

The St. Louis Cardinals have the second most World Series titles with 10.

What Boston Red Sox player has 2 World series rings but the one World Series he played in his team lost?

Manny Ramirez

Do team scouts receive world series rings?

A World Series ring is not an official award presented by MLB; the latter only awards a trophy to the team that wins the Series. It is only a tradition that the winning team gives rings to its employees, and a team is free to offer -- or refuse to offer -- rings to any staff member it wants to. In general, rings are only made for those employees who work in the locker room of the team -- manager, players, coaches, and trainers. However, a team is perfectly free to give one to its scouts as well.

Do inactive players get World Series rings?

Yes. In most cases, even players who were traded from the team during the regular season are awarded world championship rings.

Who received phillie's 2008 World Series rings?

every one on the phillies organazation in cluding people who work for the team

What team has won the third most World Series rings?

The Oakland Athletics have the third most World Series titles with 9. The Yankees are first with 27, and the Cardinals are second with 10.

What do baseball players get for making the all star team?

Nothing but the winning team gets home field advantage for the world series.

What baseball player has the most World Series rings with same team?

As a player, that is Yogi Berra of the New York Yankees with 10.

Does the team that loses the World Series get a ring?

No the losing team does not get a world series ring.

What are the World Series Championships team by team?

Click on the 'World Series Winners' link on this page to see how many World Series each MLB team has won.

Which major league baseball team got world series rings first?

The 1922 New York Giants created the first World Series ring after defeating the New York Yankees in five games.

Does everyone on the team get a MLB World Series ring?

Yes, in most cases. Rings are also distributed to people in the front office, the minor league system and often team broadcasters.

How many men have 4 World Series rings in Yankee 2009 team?

Jorge Posada, Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, and Andy Petitte

Which team has the most rings in baseball?

If by "rings" you mean championships, the New York Yankees have 27 World Series championships and 40 AL Pennants... The most in all professional sports in North America

How much money the wining team of the world series gets?

The 2010 world champion San Francisco Giants are expected to receive a minimum of $350,000.

Does everyone get a ring on your team or just you?

Not just one player gets a ring. That wouldn't be very fair since the whole team worked together to win the World Series. Even teammates who didn't play at all in the World Series will still get a ring if their team wins.

What does the team get that wins the NBA championship?

the team gets a championship trophy, but the players get championship rings and the nba finals mvp gets their own little championship trophy

How many rings does Reggie Jackson have?

Five. Reggie Jackson was a member of the 1972, 1973, and 1974 Oakland Athletics team that won the World Series and a member of the 1977 and 1978 New York Yankees that won the World Series.

How many World Series rings does Joe DiMaggio have?

Joe DiMaggio played on nine World Series winning New York Yankee teams (36-39, 41, 47, 49-51). The Yankees lost to St. Louis in the 1942 World Series, the only DiMaggio team to lose a World Series. DiMaggio's World Series stats weren't quite up to his regular season performances. He hit only .273 in 51 World Series games with 8 HRs and 30 RBIs. But Since the question asks how many rings Joe DiMaggio has, the answer gets a bit complicated, eight of his nine rings were stolen in the 1960's from his Lexington Hotel room, the only remaining ring was his 1936 rookie year World Series ring. However, at Mr. DiMaggio's final appearance (September 1998) at Yankee Stadium, George Steinbrenner presented Joltin' Joe with 8 exact replicas of his missing rings.

How many current members of the New York Yankees team won 7 World Series rings?

There are no current players on the Yankees with 7 rings. There are four players with 5 rings (Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada and Andy Pettitte)

Has a World Series team won the first three games and lost the series?

No. Every World Series team with a 3-0 lead has gone on to win the world championship.

How many wins does a team need to win the World Series?

A team must win 11 games in order to be the World Series champions. Three in the Division Series, four in the Championship Series and four in the World Series.

How many rings does a team make after winning the World Series?

they make one for every one on the team (including manager, coahes, owner, general manger, etc.) so really it depends on how many people are on/work for the team

How do you get to the World Series?

You get to the World Series by being the division champion. To get this, you have to win the most games in your division. Three teams get to the play offs. There is also a Wild Card in which the team with most wins in the league besides the division champion gets to be. The Wild Card also gets to go to the play offs. At the play offs, the eight teams verse each other in a first-to-win-three games series. The winner gets to go to the league championship series where there is a first-to-win-four games series. The winner of that gets to go to the World Series.