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In South Africa Rugby Union Players are paid an average of four times that of Football players who in turn urn more or less the same as the Cricket Players before the IPL Cricket Tournament was formed.

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Q: Who gets paid more in south Africa rugby players or soccer players?
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What are the major sports in South Africa?

The major sports in South Africa are soccer and rugby.

Do soccer players have insurance in south Africa specifically designed for soccer players?


Which sport pays well between soccer and rugby in south africa?


What sports are popular in south africa?

Soccer, Cricket and Rugby

What is the national game of South Africa?

Actually look at it this way, ALL the schools in South Africa has rugby as a sport, the amount of schools who has soccer as a sport is substantially less, the population didn't even know much about soccer until we hosted the world cup. Our rugby teams actually compete on a high level, win games and claim titles. Rugby has been South Africa's national sport for decades and still is, soccer has to earn it's place before it can ever come close to becoming the national sport. According to the IRB South Africa has 434,219 registered players and 4100 Registered coaches which exclude those playing it at school. Not only that but the rugby competitions hosted by south Africa outnumbers the amount of soccer competitions. That in which we represent our country best in on an international level is without a doubt rugby.

Where is the Springbokkie a popular drink with rugby players?

South Africa

What are the most popular sports in South Africa?

soccer, rugby and cricket

Major sports in South Africa?

the main sport in south Africa is rugby but they also play a lot of soccer on the streets

What country has hosted cricket soccer and rugby world cups?

South Africa

Who are the highest paid soccer players in south africa?

It is Pienar.

Richest soccer players in south Africa?

lucas radebe

Who are the most earning South African soccer players?

The highest paid players from South Africa is Stephen Pienar.

Do South Africans play Rugby league?

South Africa, rarely play Rugby League because soccer and union are very popular over there, but Rugby League is increasing with the fans.

What are the main sports in South Africa?

The main sports are rugby, soccer & cricket.

What is South Africa's favorite thing to do?

To eat and watch sport, especially rugby and soccer.

What SADC countries play soccer or rugby?

Zimbabwe and South Africa plays both.

What is the fastest rugby players name for South Africa rfc?

Bryan habana

What sports are common in South Africa?

South Africa's three most popular sports are soccer, rugby and cricket. Soccer (association football) is still by far the most popular sport among the black population groups as rugby (rugby union) is among the whites, but much is done to try to ensure that these preferences are broadened.

What is the main sport played in south Africa?

The main sports are rugby, soccer & cricket.

Which sports are popular in south Africa?

soccer ball is the most popular but they also play rugby.............

What high school in South Africa has had the most springbok rugby players?

Grey college

What is the national sport of South Africa?

There are a number of national sports in South Africa where South African players/ teams compete both at a national and international level. The most popular (in no order of popularity) are: Soccer Rugby Cricket

What is South Africa's national sport?

South Africa does not have a national sport. The most common sports are Rugby, Soccer and Cricket though none are officially a national sport.

What sport do they play in college in south Africa?

The main ones are rugby, soccer, cricket and field hockey.

Who are the best soccer players in South Africa?

I'm not sure about players playing in South Africa, but Steven Pienaar (who plays for Everton in the English Premier League) is widely regarded as the best South African player.