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Q: Who gets home field in high school football playoffs?
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What does aq mean in bcs football?

In the playoffs (Division I-AA, II, III, NAIA) AQ stands for automatic qualifier, a team that gets into the playoffs by winning the championship of their conference.

What two teams has the home field advantage of the entire playoffs in the super bowl?

The teams the have the highest seeds get home field advantage. During the playoffs the teams with the highest seeding after the season gets home field advantage throughout the postseason. In the Super Bowl, home field advantage alternates each year between the NFC and the AFC.

If a player gets ejected from a high school football game for hitting another player what is the consequences?

ask i high school football coach? how should i know?

Why is a football field 53.3 yards and not for example 50 or 55 yards wide?

The football field is 160 feet wide. When converted into yards (dividing 160 by 3, 3:1) one gets 53.3 yards!

If a football team misses a field goal where does the other team take possession of the football?

The defending team gets the ball after a missed field goal regardless of down Unless the refs call a do over and the team with the ball gets another chance to either run/pass for their extra points or make another kick attempt.

In Canadian football how many points does a team get for a touchdown?

In both Canadian and American football as touchdown gets the team two points. In Canadian football the field is larger and the team has twelve players instead of the American team that has eleven.

How does a nfl team get a first round bye in playoffs?

A team gets the first round bye in the playoffs if it has one of the top two records in its conference.

When do teams switch from defensive to offensive in football?

Teams Switch When The Offense ether Punts It, Gets A Touchdown, Or Makes A 3 Point Field Goal

How many times does the Miami Heat get swept in the NBA Playoffs?

The Miami Heat gets swept 4 times in the 2011 NBA Playoffs by the Dallas Mavericks.

What does first round bye mean in football?

When your team gets the first round bye they draw no opponent in the first round and advance to the second round as if they have already won a game. Basically they get a win before the playoffs even start...

What does the Atlanta Falcons need to get in the playoffs?

The Falcons already clinched their spot in the playoff last week in Minnesota. But they can clinch the #2 seed in the NFC playoffs with a victory over the Rams and a Carolina loss to the Saints where at home the Saints haven't loss a game. So the Falcons gets home-field advantage if all goes well.

What are four facts about American football?

1. Two teams must be present to play the game. 2.Each season all teams are fighting to make the playoffs. 3.Each team that makes the playoffs is closer to winning the Super Bowl. 4. The two teams that win their conference championships games gets a chance to play in the Super Bowl.